'We both work towards the same relationship goal: making each other happy.'
When it comes to the age-old relationship adage "Opposites attract," jury's still out. Some researchers have found that similar people seek each other out, others have found that partners who are too similar are less satisfied over time, and still
'Siya 'yung bumabalanse sa akin, nagpapasaya, nagpapatawa.'
They say opposites attract, and, for Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano's relationship, this rings true. In a recent interview on Umagang Kay Ganda, the usually reserved Jessy openly talked about her relationship with the Kapamilya host."Malaki siyang parte ng 2016
Opposites attract. But do they stay together?
1. There's instant attraction. We know the cliché and have experienced it ourselves. A mysterious new guy? The bad boy to our good girl? The decent man we want to be good for? How could we say no? Sexual tension is
Really think about it: Are you and your guy total opposites? Find out how compatible you'll be in the long run.
Opposites do attract, but that doesn't mean they can stand each other once the novelty goes. Experts say only certain odd combos work. Here's the scoop on eight of them.Mismatch #1: He's in his 30s or up; you'
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