Why laugh when you can fight about the internet?
You could spend the precious hours of your summer riding giant pool floaties, getting tipsy on rosé/frosé, soaking up the warm weather, and enjoying the great outdoors.Or you could show this photo to everyone you're with and spend
This lingerie can make anything sexy.
When you look at the photo above, do you see a cleavage? Thought so. Would you believe that's actually an elbow? Let's try another one.Cleavage again? Or the butt? Nope! That's actually a knee.Here's another.That'
It is both creepy and cool. Crool!
According to neuroscientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there's a photo that can help you determine whether you need glasses or not [via The Daily Mail]. So forget about visiting your eye doctor, because you only need to stare at THIS
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