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I admire those who choose to live a vegan lifestyle. Being the living epitome of fresh, clean, and ethical takes a lot of hard work and passion, and not a lot of people can truly say ~*living green*~ adds a distinct sparkle
Oh, kale no!
According to each fad diet that trends on Google MD, every food on the planet is bad for you. You should either be eating a diet with all meat or no meat. You should be trying to alkalize yourself or trying to
Our picks for the best beauty products that are safe for you and the environment.
Check the label the next time you use your shampoo, facial wash, makeup, or toothpaste, and you'll most probably find a slew of ingredients you won't be able to pronounce. The best way to lessen the countless, who-knows-if-
When gift-shopping, try to get something that helps the environment. Make a difference this Christmas with these eco-friendly picks.
If the holiday rush is stressing you out as early as now--with so much shopping to do and so little time (or money!)--here's a great idea that would spare you the stress of figuring out what to give people:
Cosmo gives you the skinny on all-natural and organic products that are all over beauty counters and stores these days.
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