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Getting ready will be SO much easier!
Let's be honest, no matter how many clothes you have in your closet, it's easy to feel like you never have anything to wear. Which is why we spoke to Practical Princess' Elika Gibbs and Virginia Feacey,
How many of these do you already have?
When you look at your bedroom or your work space, do you have this nagging desire to get organized, but have no idea where to start? Ahead are five items to help you tidy up and get your life together:1. A
Aka porn for beauty addicts!
What does your vanity table look like? Are your beauty products neatly filed, or scattered everywhere? If it's the latter, you can take notes from these beauty-loving girls who shared their organized AF collection. But hey, it's also okay
If a planner isn't for you, try bullet journaling!
Though the idea of rapid logging is still bullet journaling's best quality, the system's knack for functionality and customization is what makes us love it even more. The idea of having your own setup that tracks your personal tasks, priorities,
'Make a change, keep only what is part of your life NOW.' - Marie Kondo
It makes you focus on what is more importantKeeping a bag of clothes that don't fit anymore will only be a constant reminder of resolutions you've failed to keep. Start afresh by donating them to a charity and then focus
'My heart breaks for the world today. When will this end, and the love begin?'
Miley Cyrus is looking for ways to help those affected by the terror attacks in Belgium on Tuesday.Around 30 people have been reported dead and more than a hundred were left injured in two explosions at Brussels international airport and a
Because you'd be too sick to look for them by the time you actually need them.
You don't really have to have a medicine "cabinet." Use freestanding shelves or open square cubbyholes attached to the wall (find ready-built cubbies at True Value). For a more organized look especially if you are using open shelves, use containers
You'll never forget where you placed your earrings again!
Hang your jewelryInstead of storing them in drawers or boxes, why not show off your necklaces? Hanging them on a round vase or a necklace tree makes for a pretty (and tangle-free) display. You can also stack rings.Use other containersLook
How to keep your <i>tsinelas</i> collection organized.
Who doesn't love their trusty pair of tsinelas? It's comfy and you can wear it almost anywhere-at home, on outings, and while running errands! Here are 3 ways to organize your slippers:Place them in buckets.Let your flip-