Getting ready will be SO much easier!
Let's be honest, no matter how many clothes you have in your closet, it's easy to feel like you never have anything to wear. Which is why we spoke to Practical Princess' Elika Gibbs and Virginia Feacey,
All you need is a soda tab!
Have you ever tried to squish clothes inside your small closet, only to find them rumpled even if they're on hangers? Here's a hack for solving that: All you need to do is save the soda tabs from your soft
Aka porn for beauty addicts!
What does your vanity table look like? Are your beauty products neatly filed, or scattered everywhere? If it's the latter, you can take notes from these beauty-loving girls who shared their organized AF collection. But hey, it's also okay
These are literally all things you could start doing today.
The thing about being more productive is that it's absolutely attainable. If you're looking for very easy, very manageable ways to be more productive, here are 15 little things to help you achieve that goal.1. Wash the dishes as
Because being late is actually rude AF.
Being on time to things is a great way to look like you 100 percent have your shit together, even if you actually don't. It really doesn't take that much work to become a magical, always-on-time unicorn. 1.
Having room to breathe will definitely make you feel better.
Decluttering is time-consuming and difficult-mostly because you have to ask yourself over and over again if you need this thing or that thing, and if you think you'll use it in the near future. It's easier to just
What clutter?!
1. Use side tables or shelves.An old side table with drawers or shelves can serve as storage for bulky items like bath supplies and towels. This is an excellent solution if you have a freestanding sink without a countertop.2. Use
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