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Four experts weigh in on this thing men love to weird-flex.
On today's edition of "Men Like to Think They Know Everything," we'll be launching an investigation as to whether or not a man can actually feel when a woman is having an orgasm, as some claim to experience.For starters,
I Googled 'premature orgasm' and all the results were about men.
Amy* is 26, a postal worker, bisexual, and says she has always orgasmed really easily and quickly. So much so, that she used to think something was wrong with her.***When I was 11, I had masturbated for the first time and
There are things he brings to the table more that make up for it.
Sahar*, 29, who works in marketing and is straight, explains why it doesn't matter that she doesn't orgasm with her boyfriend.***Despite having my first boyfriend at 17, I didn't have my first orgasm until I
As a fat woman, I feel like the world wants me to hate myself—especially during sex.
Kat* is 22, a student and customer care leader, and queer. She says body confidence is stopping her from having more orgasms and enjoying sex more.***As a fat woman, I've always felt like the world wants me to hate
Are you looking for a new sex toy?
The first vibrator I ever owned was a PR gift-thank you, Cosmo-and it inspired me to be more open about masturbation. Because the truth is, we don't talk about it enough. And when we do, it's
It's common to feel nervous or unable to relax.
If you're a woman or person with a vulva, it's likely you've been told (or made to believe) that you should enjoy oral sex. Having someone eat you out, perform cunnilingus, or whatever you want to
Let us have the pleasure of explaining this to you.
In Grade 6, I remember our teacher talking to us about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It was *such* a foreign concept that to be honest, I barely paid attention in class. All I remember from that day were the weird (and gross)
Here's how my masturbating marathon went down.
I don't mean to brag, but I'm what you'd call a masturbation connoisseur. With close to thirty years of experience, I know the ins and outs (literally) of getting myself off. Typically, I have a whole
You’re not the minority here.
Apart from a few exceptions, most depictions of sex in pop-culture are terribly inaccurate. There are those where the couple starts kissing, the camera pans to the other side of the room, and you just hear the woman orgasm (or they
Plus, it can make sex more pleasurable.
We're probably all familiar with what moaning during sex sounds like-whether from an overly dramatic performance in porn or a film, or actual real life. But there are so many questions when it comes to moaning: why do we
'They might not get it right away and that’s fine.'
We all know there is no such thing as 'good sex' and that what it really comes down to is how two (or however many!) people communicate and respond to each other's directions and verbal and non-verbal
'It's like an electrical current running directly through my vagina.'
Hello, and welcome to your daily episode of WTF they never taught you during sex ed-that is, if you even had a program. G-spots don't exist, lube is always necessary, and BDSM isn't just for bored couples. Today
Asking for a friend.
You're at brunch with your BFF (the one who overshares and you love her for it) when she mentions how her latest hookup made her orgasm so many times she had to strip her sheets at 3:00 a.m. because
'I could crush them with my thighs right now if I wanted...'
Ah, cunnilingus. It's fingering's hotter, better, more fun cousin. Not only is it great because of the pleasure that comes from it, but just like in the shower, it's also a time when women can get most of our
Because two or three is better than one.
Can you have multiple orgasms? Well...maybe! About 47 percent of women report experiencing more than one orgasm in a row, according to a study by OMGYES, the Indiana University School of Public Health, and the Kinsey Institute.One pro tip that
Who knew?
This will sound odd, but also revolutionary. Dr. Vicki Belo, the brains behind the Belo Medical Group, shared v important news that can help women enjoy sex more. She told Cosmopolitan that they actually have filler injections to help women orgasm.Intriguing,
More pleasure for you!
No one else can talk about sex like Cosmo, so let's get to it: There's a little-known procedure called Thermiva specifically made for women who've lost tightness in their vagina due to age or childbirth.
Yes, this v important research involves rabbits and a will to know WHY.
Scientists just published a new study looking at bunnies having sex while on prozac to determine their theory that the female orgasm is useful beyond just reproductive needs. Yep! (You can read that over again, but you read it right the first
Honestly, they’re not a thing. They never have been.
Guys are still out here believing and hawking the "blue ball" myth. This is the school of thought that when a man gets aroused, but for whatever reason (ahem, you not being interested in going that far perhaps?) is prevented from ejaculating.
It depends.
While you and your partner might have dabbled in cock rings to help solve an erection issue or just for fun, do the things actually have any effect on the strength of your orgasms? We spoke to a few experts and here'