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The situation with multiple orgasms, the illusive G-spot, and more.
Science is pretty sexist, and so the body of research on female orgasms is unsurprisingly lacking. But it's getting better, more studies are being published, and we're learning more all the time about what sets female sexuality and
Steamy nights right ahead.
While science doesn't support the widely held misconception of the G-Spot as some sort of magical button, a lot of women have discovered they really like getting rubbed an inch or so in on the top wall of their
Sometimes you want to speed things up.
f you worry it takes you too long to have an orgasm, stop it this instant! You take exactly the right amount of time. It's like that Abraham Lincoln thing: "How long should a man's legs be?" "Long
Here's what you need to know.
There is a boatload of misinformation-as well as completely glossed-over facts-that young adults are missing out on when it comes to sex.Take "dry orgasms"-a phenomenon in which a man orgasms but doesn't ejaculate-and something this
'Everything was kind of getting numb.'
Faking orgasms doesn't do anyone any good. And, despite what most people would think, it's not just women and people with vaginas who are guilty of faking. Men and penis-havers do it, too. Here, those who have
Insertion is overrated.
The clitoris, with its 8,000 nerve endings, exists to give you pleasure. A climatic way to enjoy make the most of it is, unsurprisingly, a clitoral orgasm. But what exactly is a clitoral orgasm, and how does it differ from vaginal