"Mahilig ka pala sa secondhand?"
Whether you like it or not, there are and will be mistresses around. If you ever find yourself encountering the kabit of your boyfriend or husband, chances are, you might lose your cool. Instead of making a scene, here are nine snappy
Want to avoid being cheated on--again? Here, mistresses tell all. It's time you read and learn more about your man.
It's a question that plagues all of womankind: Why do guys stray? Maybe it's boredom, commitment-phobia, immaturity, clinging-girlfriend syndrome, rampant and incurable jerk-ism...or a combination of factors. One thing is for sure: When it happens to
It’s easy to pin the blame on the <em>kerida</em> when a relationship breaks down, but first take a closer look at what spurs a guy to stray.
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