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Awww, these guys are the sweetest.
1. Her old and faded high school hoodie is my favorite. She usually wears it with her white sneakers. The first time I saw that outfit on her was last year in a bar and she got my attention. I liked this
Look Ma, no pants!
Fashion hack: the shirt as dress. Yup, we're giving you permission to leave your pants at home. And if this brings out violent reactions from your mother/ boyfriend/concerned BFF, tell them it's really no different from wearing a mini
Straight from the Fall/Winter 2016 shows.
Not all the outfits designers send down the runway are wearable. Some are so outlandish that it's nearly impossible to think of a situation that your typical woman would wear them to-like this chandelier dress seen at Moschino. Thankfully, majority
Your puson will love you.
In an ideal world, we'd all have Gigi Hadid's abs. Unfortunately, there will be days when you'll feel like your stomach is mocking you by protruding farther than usual-maybe when you're on your period or after your
Super flattering on your figure!
Instagram/curvygirlchicWhen you're blessed with curves that can put Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian to shame, hiding it under mounds of fabric is the worst thing you can do. Doing so won't mask things you're unconfident about-it will actually
It's all in the way you style your clothes!
Instagram/taneshaawasthiCurvy girls, now is the time to stop hiding your body in drab, shapeless clothing! It's normal to feel apprehensive when trying a look you're not sure would work, but you wouldn't completely know until you try it,
Don't let it rain on your style parade! We show you how to work it in wet weather with some puddle-friendly pieces and outfit ideas.
Our weather has been unpredictable for the longest time. One day it's as bright and hot as summer, and the next it's as if we're in a scene straight from The Day After Tomorrow. But just in case we'