Awww, these guys are the sweetest.
1. Her old and faded high school hoodie is my favorite. She usually wears it with her white sneakers. The first time I saw that outfit on her was last year in a bar and she got my attention. I liked this columnist Bianca Valerio gives practical style tips for first-time fashion event attendees.
Twitter question from @VessaMay: "What should I wear to fashion events like Philippine Fashion Week this May 2012? I'm 24 and it's my first time to see a fashion show...I'd like to prepare for it and don't
Cosmo approached some of Manila's fashionistas at the fourth day of Philippine Fashion Week to ask them this crucial fashion inquiry.
In any event, ladies (and even guys) always want to look their best--no matter what the theme is. We all have different styles and tastes when it comes to fashion. But there are some events with vague dress codes and we
Cosmo's Style Paparazzi braved busy Katipunan Avenue to scope out the latest fashion trends that college students this side of town are rocking.
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