Without looking like a toddler.
Fashion keeps referencing the good ol' days and this time around, it's all about overalls. (Jumpers for us pinoy kids!) Below are comfy jumper outfit ideas to steal from celebs:Dressing down can be effortless and non-boring. Kiana Valenciano's
#Adulting in overalls.
1. Show a flash of skin with a crop top.2. Layer over a boxy button down.3. Embrace a '70s vibe with a wide-brim hat and heeled sandals.4. Keep your color palette subdued for polished flair.5. Pair with
Your denim is talking about you. Don't you want to know what it's saying?
From skinny jeans to overalls, there's a style of jeans for every type out there. Read on for the ultimate breakdown of what your jeans say about you.1. Skinny JeansYou've got shit to do (and you're doing it).
One jumper, three ways.
Jumpers are making a MAJOR comeback. Here's how to wear 'em like a grown woman. P.S. Sure, they're kind of hard to pee in, though (See: romper). But fashion > comfort, right?LOOK 1 An embellished crop sweater paired with
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