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And if you have no time to spare.
Besides the occasional emotional outbursts and messed up bodily functions (e.g. headache and tummy problems), stress manifests on your hair and skin: Zits show up on your face, eyebags become more pronounced, your complexion turns ashy, or worse, your tresses shed!
If you need to take a day to recharge, do it with zero guilt.
Ask any woman at the top of her game and she'll tell you that the secret to being a boss is knowing when to hustle and when to loosen up the reins-even if it's just for one afternoon. So
Apparently, facials are no longer exclusive to just your face! We discovered a spa service that exfoliates and whitens your delicate bikini area, in time for beach season.
Yay, summer has officially begun! We are sure you all have beach trips planned (or are dying to book one) and will soon be whipping out your swimsuits and heading for sandy shores. We encourage you to flaunt your hard-earned bikini
If you want a romantic <i>and</i> relaxing bonding sesh with your man, book one or more of these treatments tonight or any day of the Love Month.
Make this year's Valentine's Day a time for some much-needed R&R for you and your beau. As the metro gets crowded with couples and singles celebrating the day of love, there is a place where you can escape
Got a big V-Day date? Make sure your hands and feet are pretty and in tip-top shape! Try this luxurious new nail spa treatment (alone or with your guy).
We're sure you've been hearing a lot about the exotic and lavish country that is Morocco (in celebrity magazines and Gossip Girl, perhaps?) and have been wanting to visit it. If traveling (that far, at least) is out of the
Are stress and fatigue taking over your life--and <i>love</i> life? Hit the new spa that lets you (and your man) indulge in face and body treatments in such plush facilities.
With reports from Trixie ReynaStress can bring even the best of us down. The trick to staying on top of it is to set aside time to relax and take a much-deserved break. The problem is, whenever we do get free
Can't seem to unwind with deadlines piling up? Read on for tips on how to plot pampering moments into your busy schedule.
How often do you give yourself permission to plop down on the couch and watch back-to-back episodes of a guilty pleasure like Pretty Little Liars or True Blood? You're probably so busy doing a thousand and one things that
Planning your weekend? Be sure to include some relaxing me-time in your itinerary. If you're in the Makati area, here's a new spa you can try.
We often forget to make room for ourselves within our busy schedules. However, a little "me-time" keeps us sane and recharges our batteries for the stressful days to come. For many of us, a sufficient pick-me-up can be a
Get the VIP treatment you deserve--without having to splurge.
If you're single on V-Day, channel all the love toward yourself and your fellow single girl friends, spoil yourself, and get the pampering you deserve. You don't have to go all out and blow your budget on an out-
Single or coupled up, you deserve the best treat on Valentine's Day. Visit Nurture Spa in Tagaytay and have the most amazing pampering ever.
Everyone deserves some TLC, be it from your man, your best pal...or the expert healing hands of the masseuse at Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay. If you have yet to plan your Valentine or post-Valentine getaway, and you're checking out
Looking old, sallow-skinned, and unpretty after the holiday rush? Treat yourself to an overnight pampering sesh that will undo the damage.
Stress BusterNow that the holiday rush is winding down-you're done Christmas shopping, attending countless parties, and scurrying to finish work before the long break sets in-you realize you look like you've aged a year in less than a
'Tis the season to go shopping for the women in your life! Click through fashion and beauty picks in 12 categories.
No, this is NOT an alcoholic drink. It’s a luxurious body scrub and massage that’ll leave your body radiant, indeed.
Learn the secret behind this actress' still sexy bod!
After a week of putting it to non-stop work, sit back, relax, and treat your feet to luscious scrubbing at this salon in a mall.
Where To Go: Acqua Salon, with branches at TriNoma (916-7558) and Westgate Center, Alabang (771-1340)Rub-a-dub-dub: You'll get the basic service of a foot scrub-perfect for those who don't have much time on their