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BRB, running to the nearest branch!
It's so nice to wake up to good news! The ube cheese pan de sal , aka the unofficial top Pinoy snack during quarantine, has become more convenient to get! Before, we could only order these sweet buns from bakeshops, and
Please share the recipe, Kathryn!
This quarantine has turned almost everyone into bakers. Making our own cakes, pies, and bread are convenient ways to satisfy your cravings and pass the time at home. We're happy to report that Kathryn Bernardo has already joined the club!
It seems like everyone's been eating these!
Perhaps it's the contrast of vibrant purple and sunny yellow hues, or the way the saltiness of the cheese brings out the nuttiness of the purple yam. But ube and cheese are both well-loved among Filipinos, and there'