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Move over, plain syrup.
I swear, pancakes have been my go-to meal during the quarantine. Breakfast, merienda, midnight snack-all of these can all be filled in by pancakes! Flapperjacks serve as a blank canvas because you can turn into a sweet merienda or a
You'll want to jump out of bed just to try these recipes, I swear.
Pancakes are a fancy breakfast staple! And when they're fluffy AF, you know it's going to be a good day. Treat yourself to these delicious fluffy pancake recipes: Master the art of fluffing with this basic pancake recipe! Source: TastyThese
Make your breakfast extra.
You can make more than just pancakes with a box of pancake mix, but did you know you can make extraordinary pancakes with it? You can make flavored pancakes such as ube pancakes, peanut butter and coconut pancakes, or even squash or
Mini pancakes, anyone?
If you're wondering why pancake boxes are harder to find during your grocery runs, it's probably because people are stocking up their pantry with this useful and versatile grocery item. Besides the obvious pancakes, you can make waffles,
Making dessert just got easier.
If you were planning on baking a cake but either never got around to it or just don't have the ingredients, you're in luck. You can hack that boxed cake mix and make something with it other than
Add a box of pancake mix to your shopping list!
A box of pancake mix can be used for more than just pancakes: you can use it to make cupcakes, corn dog, banana bread, and even waffles, just to name a few. In a Facebook group called Let's Eat, Pare,
Pancakes + coffee? HEAVEN.
Pancakes can become boring but you can top your pancakes with any number of ingredients as it cooks: chocolate chips, chunks of fruits, chopped nuts, and even candy bits.You can do this or you can combine two of your favorite breakfast
Everything on the menu is 50 percent off, too.
You've probably seen at least two or five posts about fluffy Japanese souffle pancakes on your feed. But even before this food trend started, there were already a number of restaurants that had this on its menu. One of those
Somebody call Pancake House and get this girl a contract.
Just when you thought you couldn't love Riverdale's Camila Mendes more, she manages to up her awesome points by combining the two most wonderful things in the world: brunch and beauty. In a clip posted on Cole Sprouse&#
There's more to pancake batter than just pancakes.
You can do no wrong with pancake mix. Here are 8 reasons why: Deep Fried OreosGet the recipe here! Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares Get the recipe here! Funnel Cake Get the recipe here! CrepesGet the recipe here! Burger Pancakes Get the recipe