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The actress shared that she used to be a slave to her anxiety.
Anxiety is a real thing and it can happen to anyone. In the past, celebrities have opened up about their struggles with anxiety, including Kiana Valenciano, who admitted in July 2018 that she struggled with anxiety and depression, and Sofia Andres who
Hugs, Jennie!
K-pop group BLACKPINK dropped by Manila, Philippines on June 6, 2019 for a special meet-and-greet event organized by online retailer Shopee. During the fan meet itself, which lasted for only half an hour, fans started noticing that Jennie was
'I didn't know I had generalized anxiety disorder or a version of panic disorder.'
To raise awareness for the mental health of children, actress Emma Stone spoke to the president of the Child Mind Institute, Dr. Harold Koplewicz, about her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks and how acting saved her life.While speaking with Dr.
Saying 'don't worry' is NOT one of them.
To see someone you care about dealing with anxiety is hard to watch, and loved ones can often feel helpless. But there are things you can do to help-telling them to "stop worrying" definitely not being one of them.We spoke
AND why she didn't want to do 'Ghostbusters.'
While Emma Stone is normally the coolest gal you ever did see, she's revealed just how distraught she was after the Sony hacks.The 26-year-old has come forward in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, admitting she did
"It's just turbulence." NOPE.
1. "Stop stressing!" Stress and anxiety are different. Everyone stresses at one point or another, but not everyone is anxious. Stress is frustration and nerves. Anxiety is amplified. There's an underlying sense of panic and unease. I stress when I have
When you're upset, the last thing you want is for it to be obvious. Here are ways to tone down your anxiety.
Picture this: You've just gotten into a huge fight with your boyfriend or your parents lectured you in public. Or, maybe you've made a mess of an assignment and your boss is disappointed in you. Don't give in to