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You to the mirror: 'Damn, that girl is looking fiiiire.'
Let's get this straight: Lingerie should make YOU feel comfortable and confident. Sure, your partner reaps the benefits of that lacy number you're wearing, but if his main goal is to take it off, he's not
These common undie blunders can have some scary consequences.
Underwear is the last line of defense between your lady bits and the outside world, and the wrong pair can wreak havoc on your vaginal health. Here are a few bad habits that can cause problems.1. Wearing the Same Pair Post-
In defense of your undergarments.
Truth is, we think it's totally acceptable to show off your lingerie in public. And by show off, we mean like parts of it.Here are some of situations where we think it's okay:1. When you're wearing an
Look better naked!
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to heat things up with racier intimates. We're talking about form-flattering, cleavage-enhancing, sexy lace-trimmed ones, and silky silhouettes that are sure to bring out your inner sex
Triumph's newest lingerie collections feature nearly-invisible bras and undies, and sexy control wear you won't be <i>dyahe</i> to flaunt.
Any Cosmo girl knows that the wrong undergarments can totally screw up a perfectly good outfit via VPLs (Visible Panty Lines), peeping bra straps, and bunched-up excess fabric showing through a hot LBD.Yikes. That's why we should all be
Underwear is equally important as outer wear. We let you in on what's best to wear under certain types of clothes.
It's an everyday battle, choosing just the perfect outfit for school or the office. You've got everything planned out, from your clothes, shoes, accessories, down to your matching bag. But the one thing that many gals fail to consider is
See all the lingerie, shoes, and accessories we brought to our sexy "Lingerie He Can't Resist" fashion shoot--yes, including all options!
Yes, the month of love draws to a close today, but you can still wear that sexy lingerie you bought for the season--and invest in more--to feel extra sexy all year long. What you wear underneath can totally boost (or
Yes, you can mix and match underwear, too. Get ideas from outtakes from this month's special Valentine's fashion ed, "Lingerie He Can't Resist."
Every February, we feature a lingerie editorial in lieu of our usual fashion spreads to give you girls some sexy inspiration for your bedroom wardrobe this Valentine's season (which shall draw to a close tomorrow). This month's "Lingerie He Can'
Dressing up for V-Day includes what you wear <i>underneath</i> that fab ensemble. Feel flawlessly sexy in these pretty undergarments.
So you've chosen your outfit for Valentine's Day--whether it's that to-die-for sexy lace dress that's sure to make your date's temperature rise (among other things) or that hip, sweet, white ensemble for your all-