Be the hostess with the mostest!
1. Sort your playlist out.  Nothing kills a party like a bad selection of tunes. Get it right and you'll ace the evening-plus, guests can spend those awkward first few minutes bonding over how much they love (or hate...) your
Gotta bake 'em all!
Whether it's to celebrate your first catch or new team, mourn a Pokémon that got away, or simply bring all your favorite Pokémon masters together, these desserts will take your entire Pokémon GO experience to another level. Do
Be the host to memorable and fun parties by taking inspiration from this list.
1. Party Into The '90sGet into the throwback theme and have a '90s-inspired party complete with spray painted cassette and VHS tapes, a '90s playlist, and boy band wall posters!2. Chanel & PearlsGo classy with a black and white party a
Your late nights could be causing serious harm, regardless of how much you drink.
It doesn't matter whether your typical weekend involves ripping tequila shots or watching movies: If you stay up later than usual, your social life could be messing with your health.In a new study, researchers assessed the health markers and sleep
1. The Life Of The Party The party basically starts when you step into the club. You manage to keep your energy up all night and everyone knows who you are. You're in almost every single picture taken that night and
Is he really guwapo or is it just dark in here?
1. Is it bad to have champagne after that margarita?I don't feel that drunk now but that hardly negates the possibility of becoming sick at an inopportune time! Any inopportune time being "before I get back home." Note to self:
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