Whether it's your soulmate or your wingwoman.
Think about the one person in your life who is just in a completely different category from the rest. Yes, you have your family and your friends, but this person is the one who really KNOWS and accepts all of you-even
Remaining silent about your insecurities just keeps you small.
You probably already know that shame is an emotion that makes you feel horrible. What you may not be aware of, however, is that your experience of it is shared by just about everyone you've ever met-including those rare folks
Because Dad has some great qualities and can be really amazing, too.
Some of us grew up really close to our dad, that we have made him the standard for our choice of partners. Some had their hearts broken (but eyes opened) when they realized their dads weren't as "great" as they had
Working with our loved ones, especially our partner, is not exactly easy. Maybe that's why some couples are iffy about entering a business together: There's just so much involved and at risk.But here are testaments from four strong women
The three types of difficult partners and how to deal with them.
Most people believe in forever. When we first encounter our significant other, and the freshest stages of love begin, most of us fall into the trap of believing "YES. THIS IS THE ONE. THE PERFECT PERSON I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR ALL
Cosmo.ph columnist Bianca Valerio discusses why people with similar personalities don't always make the best love match.
It makes perfect sense to be drawn to someone similar to you. Studies have shown that narcissistic individuals are often (unconsciously) attracted to those who have nearly the same physical attributes, mannerisms, and the like. It's almost like looking into a
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