Girls, be warned.
News of a suspect being killed after allegedly raping two of his passengers inside a UV Express van did not deter another suspect from committing the same crime.The 20-year-old victim was with her two friends when they hailed the
'I was partying all the time, drinking a lot, and sleeping in every morning.'
Reality star Khloe Kardashian credits her big sister Kourtney Kardashian with saving her from a downward spiral of drinking and hard partying.While the 31-year-old now leads a fit and healthy lifestyle, back in 2003 the star was on a
I dislike attending parties in places with smoke and strobe lights. So why the heck did I go to Boracay to party? #YOLO?
Here's something everyone knows about me: I dislike going out at night. Don't get me wrong, I am not a boring human being. I've gone out to bars and clubs for GNO. I've had a couple of beers
They don't call it beer belly for nothing, CGs!
They don't call it beer belly for nothing, CGs! According to, moderate drinking is not bad, but a heavy influx of alcohol temporarily keeps your body from burning fat. On top of that, the things we chug and ingest
Smoking when drunk is a gateway to being a full-time smoker...and more hard-earned wisdom from a late-twenties booze enthusiast.
1. The best way to save money while partying is to bring a certain amount of cash to the bar and spend no more than that. When you are drunk and open a tab, money doesn't even feel real. It feels
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