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The content creator makes a big career shift.
For anyone who thinks that it's too late and that they're too old to pursue their dreams and passions, this content creator's story might just make you think otherwise.Marvin Fojas got the public's
Does this apply to you?
A study from Munich's Ludwig Maximilian University has found that sexual satisfaction for couples is at its highest in their first year together, then fizzles out.For the research, 3,000 participants ages 25 to 41 ranked their sex lives, and
Because you can do it!
Does pursuing your passion seem impossible with your hectic day job? Experts believe it's doable if you stick to these simple steps. (Note: They are easier said than done, but they CAN BE DONE!)1. Know your passion project. What is
Can you repair a relationship broken by infidelity? One psychiatrist thinks it's possible. Find out how.
Discovering your man's infidelity can be devastating, but a breakup isn't inevitable. Here, psychiatrist Keith Ablow, author of Living the Truth, suggests ways to handle an affair's aftermath.Ask him why.Put your grief, jealousy, and rage aside long
Columnist Bianca Valerio delves into this hot Aussie's double life: model by day, DJ by night.
In the spirit of Halloween and the month dedicated to the men we love, why don't we shine a light on the concept of the alter ego? Men have innate fantasies they wish to fulfill but are discouraged from doing so
If you're a college chick on break or a working gal who wants to learn a new skill this summer, check out the super cool courses offered in this ONE-of-a-kind school!
Let's face it: the two remaining months of summer won't all be spent on the beach or some fancy new destination. There are loads of idle days (or brain-draining work days) in between those trips we are looking forward
This three-time Cosmo cover girl and one of the country’s most talented and sexiest stars opens up to Cosmo about her passions and the secret to her hot bod.
This dedicated teacher inspires us to fight for what we believe is right and which would help many, despite obstacles and detractors.
Watch the dynamic designer <em>and </em>musician animatedly talk about how she pursued her passions and what keeps her going.
Have you been feeling low-batt and <em>ngarag</em> all week? Get in the right mood as you satisfy your hunger pangs with these easy comfort treats.
1. Blues BusterIf you've been wallowing in the doldrums all week, whip up a dish of endorphins. This chemical is the body's natural antidepressant and painkiller, resulting in a sense of happiness. It's generally known that
End the year--and begin a new one--with a great, big bang! Cosmo tells you how to make that exhilarating high last even after you’ve reached the peak.
We know you can't wait to get busy with your hot new guy. Here's why it pays to keep your pants on for the meantime.
It's not the length, but the width that gives YOU pleasure, and other helpful truths about women's sexuality you probably don't know yet!
It's never too late to go after your dreams. Find something you're really passionate about and just go for it! Work won't feel like work at all.