It's less than P2,000!
Remember when you were a kid and having a 64-piece crayon set with a built-in sharpener made you feel like you were the coolest kid in the classroom? Well, some things never change (okay, maybe just a little bit), because
We know you want them.
There's something about this sunny weather that makes us want to add more pastel hues to our wardrobes and beauty collections. Agree? Here are a few pastel-toned makeup and skincare products you need to check out right now:NYX Away
Bet you won't be able to choose just one.
The rising temperatures shouldn't be reason enough to neglect your favorite sneakers! Update them for summer by opting for fresh pairs in light, bright hues-luckily for you, we've got 12 lust-worthy styles to obsess over. ;)Tubular Radial shoes
So pretty!
Delicate hues like mint green, serenity blue, and rose quartz never fail to make us giddy with pleasure-never mind if we go around in all-black outfits the rest of the time. Michael Kors must have heard our secret desires! For
In celebration of the super sunny-or scorching heat (depends how you look at it, really)-we're putting all our dark-colored items at the back of our closet in favor of softer colors (Coral! Sea foam green! Periwinkle!).Here, a
View the swimwear, midriff-baring tops, and mini skirts--paired with shoes from Marian's own closet--that she wore with confidence at our shoot!
Florals and frills, as well as bold, pastel, and neon colors figure largely in Summer 2012 fashion--and in the clothes Cosmo's styling team pulled out for April 2012 cover girl Marian Rivera."April is all about skin and summer, so
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