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Season 1 spoilers, but they're worth it.
New Netflix show Emily In Paris may have received a mixed bag of reviews so far, but we really don't think anyone can argue with the fact it's an irresistibly easy watch. Case in point: we're
It's the irresistible ~great escape~ everyone in this world needs.
I bring this up whenever I have the chance: Darren Star's Sex And The City was one of the most influential pieces of pop culture I ever consumed as a pre-teen. As a wide-eyed Catholic schoolgirl, I was
It's from the creator of 'Sex And The City,' need I say more?
I credit pop culture for playing a huge part in my formative years, specifically Sex And The City. I know I might've been a bit *too young* when I first watched the show (I was probably 10 or 11), but
The hit movie and TV series' award-winning costume designer tells us all about the <em>Sex and the City 2</em> fashion experience.