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You'll be so proud of yourself right after!
We think of salon pedicures as a luxury-a treat we give ourselves after a long, stressful week. But these trips, when you accommodate the costs, can go as much as spending P8,500 a year. Plus, now that nail spas are
Those can wait.
Now that the World Health Organization officially COVID-19 a pandemic, extra precautionary measures are strongly urged to prevent the spread of the disease. Here in the Philippines, there are 52 confirmed cases and the death count was raised to five. WHO
Get these for a classic and elegant look!
To the untrained eye, white nail polish may seem a little bit of a snooze fest. Often worn by brides on their wedding day, white with its variety of shades can, in fact, be swiped onto nails whenever one damn pleases to.
She was also not allowed to talk to Daniel Padilla while filming!
For her upcoming film with Alden Richards, Hello, Love, Goodbye, Kathryn Bernardo pushed herself to the limit to give justice to her role as an Overseas Filipino Worker. In CG Magic, director Cathy Garcia-Molina said, "This is the hardest so far
The ultimate DIY pedi job.
Whenever I'm looking to save money (so, like, all the time), my monthly-ish trip to the nail salon is the first thing to get cut. It's not that I don't like pedicures-believe me, I
It's important to care for your nails after a mani-pedi.
We get manicures and pedicures to get pretty painted nails and to give our hands and feet TLC. But, did it ever occur to you how you can preserve your mani + pedi and your nails' health after every pampering sesh? Ahead,
Welcome to the dark side of YouTube.
Although it's not scientifically proven, watching gross pimple-popping and blackhead-squeezing videos can be satisfying and therapeutic.Sandra Lee M.D, aka Dr. Pimple Popper, is internet famous for her videos that showcase unearthing gunk from the skin. Mega zoomed-
These combos make for the perfect shoefie!
Pedi sessions are one of our favorite ways to unwind on the weekends. There's just something about sinking into a cushy couch, zoning out for a few hours, and being pampered that no girl could ever resist.And at the end
Pretty feet? Yes please!
Soak, exfoliate, and moisturize. Give your feet a treat every week. Fill a basin with lukewarm water and mix in a foot soak to soften the skin. Then using a foot scrub and pumice stone, gently exfoliate your feet-and you'll
Show off your gorgeous toes with these get-happy hues!
1. Hawaii Collection by OPI, P745, available at Rustan's.Surf, sand, and sunsets are the inspo for these polish colors. We're digging the travel-friendly mini bottles-they make it easier to retouch chips while you're on vacay.2.
Too lazy to leave the house for pamper time? Here are door-to-door manicure, pedicure, and massage services you can dial!
We scouted the metro for at-home services you can contact when you're too tired to brave the traffic for me time. All you need to do is pick up that phone and give them a call! Browse through the gallery
5 pedi-wedge combos perfect for summer.
It's no secret we're obsessed with changing our nail color. Getting a pretty pedicure, whether a trendy two-tone or a basic bold shade, is our favorite get-happy trick. But what good is a cute pedi if we can'
Prettify with a back-to-school makeover at this French boudoir-inspired luxury salon and beauty service center.
Summer is officially over for all you college chicks, and we have just the thing for you to start the new school year off with a bang. Call up your girlfriends and plan a girls' day out at the posh and
You may be on a strict diet in preparation for bikini season, but you should allow yourself one cheat day! Treat yourself to mini burgers for less guilt.
A lot of you, Cosmo chicks, are probably working out and going on a strict diet to look great in your bikinis when you go on a beach trip this summer. But, don't deprive yourself too much of the things you
Stressed? Have a day of bonding and beauty bliss with your <em>barkada</em>--AT HOME--by getting Celebrity Nails' home service.