Urine trouble.
I hate peeing.Is this a totally ridiculous thing to say? It is. Is it a necessary bodily function? It is. I'm aware. Nevertheless, I hate it. Well, hate's a strong word. But it is, at the very least, bothersome.
Do YOU squirt when you orgasm?
Fact: Females are capable of ejaculating, and they do so involuntarily. Not all women excrete liquids during orgasm, though. Just 10 to 40 percent of females "squirt"-slang for female ejaculation. And the amount of fluid? Thirty to 150 mL, according to
As in, pee.
Here's some interesting beauty news: women in the UK are reportedly using their own urine to get rid of acne and score better skin, according to Telegraph. Yep, you read that right!How does it work? So you take a cotton
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