The recipient is a veteran who was injured by an explosive device.
Back in 2015, the team at Johns Hopkins University made headlines when they announced they would attempt penis transplants in the future. It looks like the future is today, because they announced today that doctors at Johns Hopkins just completed the first
Do these things actually work?
It's no surprise guys are drawn to devices promising to make their junk bigger, but if you're trusting your genitals to something you bought on the internet it's important to read the fine print. When it
Clients have to be 'in the know' to receive it.
If you're in the mood for a one-of-a-kind beauty regimen and also have $650 (P33,736.63) to spare, you should definitely book the next appointment for a penis facial. No, seriously. In an interview with Vogue
Yes, he can make it twitch. And he does!
It's incredible just how versatile the human penis is. Obviously you're aware of the concept of an erection, but next time he gets out of the shower in the middle of winter after running out of hot water, make
How to make it feel more like a blessing than a curse.
Finding yourself on the business end of a long penis (different than a wide one), can be a blessing or a curse. Here's how to get to the blessing part.Super simple, but the absolute best-feeling way to take
There's big, and then there's BIG.
Mae West said, "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful." Which can be very true. But sometimes it can just be too damn much. If your partner is packing large down below, the trick to good sex is twofold: control
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