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"Pinanganak akong walang sense of smell."
Here's something you may not know about Andrea Brillantes: She has a rare condition called congenital anosmia, which means she was born with no sense of smell. There is currently no known cause or cure for it.The 18-year-
Find your new go-to scent from these proudly Philippine-made ranges.
Instead of searching far and wide for your next signature scent, explore options that are literally ~close to home~. Ahead, we run down five local fragrance brands to consider, regardless if you're looking for a potent perfume or a barely-
She also shares tips on how to choose and preserve scents.
It's no secret that Heart Evangelista is a big fan of scents. "I think everyone should have a signature scent. It really does complete the look and gives you so much character," she says in her latest vlog. Heart loves having
Make your signature scent last!
When you've shelled out thousands of pesos on a fancy fragrance, you want to make sure that its scent stays fresh after a few years. Because like most things in beauty, perfumes sadly have an expiration date-and you'
These scents aren't heavy at all!
Floral fragrances have always reminded us of more mature ladies (read: our lolas) in our lives. We love the scents, but we would never actually wear them because they're too heavy and "grown-up" for our tastes. It looks like
Still looking for your signature scent?
Shopping for perfumes can be tricky; some can be too sweet for the senses that instead of leaving a good impression, its overpowering scent turns people off (or even trigger a headache.) So if you're currently looking for a new
Fall in love with these scents. <3
Amp up the romance on your V-Day date with your significant other (Or with yourself!) by spritzing one of these warm and rich perfumes!Fresh Brown Sugar, P1,425/10ml, Sephora.phThe Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose, P1,995/50ml,
Ho, ho, ho indeed! ;)
Looking to show off your sensual side on Christmas Eve? These warm and rich scents will make you feel hawt until morning! *Wink, wink*Sparrow Winter Solstice Eau De Parfum, P899/50ml, Seek The UniqSoleil Et Lune Simone, P1,180/50ml, SoleilEtLune.
Find your signature fragrance.
When you're spending a thousand pesos on a bottle of perfume, you want to make sure that you *really* like the scent. The main concern when searching for the right fragrance for you is overwhelming your senses and confusing one fragrance
A lovely fragrance can make the occasion ~*extra*~ special.
You could have a signature scent you wear on the daily, but for your wedding day, you might want to consider spritzing on something different. You'll feel extra special, and taking a whiff of your chosen fragrance afterwards will trigger happy
These scents are so ~*timeless*~!
When you're stressed at the office, sometimes all you need is a little spray of pabango to awaken your senses and calm you down. But instead of going for trendy and hipster scents (Fresh laundry, anyone?), why not indulge in
Tip: Steer clear of heavy, musky scents.
Congratulations! You've just landed your first job interview right out of college. But aside from preparing your CV, outfit, and makeup look, you shouldn't forget about your pabango.People often say you shouldn't wear perfume or cologne at interviews
It's all about feeling fresh, CGs!
Leave your heavy perfumes for the cooler months, because during summer, fresh and clean pabango is IN to complement the sunny weather and warm ~breeze~. Sounds like the perfect combination? Then keep reading for the six best fragrances you can wear this
Looking for a new signature scent?
We get it. Once you find your perfect pabango, it'd be crazy to try something else-why risk smelling weird when you already have a signature scent that makes you smell like a goddess all day and night, right? But
Sacré bleu!
When it comes to iconic beauty products, there is one perfume that instantly springs to mind: Britney Spears Fantasy, obvs.JK.No, but seriously in the fickle world of beauty, Chanel No. 5 has stood the test of time. From that iconic
Your belly button?!
Your mother probably taught you to spray perfume right behind your ears, your neck, your wrists, or the insides of your elbows. But some experts say that you should actually also be adding a few scented drops on your belly button!Senior
Perfumes don't come cheap, so you better make the most out of them.
Admittedly, perfumes are one of our weaknesses. We don't mind dropping half of our paychecks for a bottle of designer fragrance, if it means smelling sexy AF the whole day. That said, we've been constantly researching on ways to prolong
Don't forget to treat your number one man.
This Father's Day, don't forget to treat the number one man your life. And what better way to do that than by gifting him with a luxurious pabango to add to his collection? Launch the gallery to check out our
No need to worry about breaking pretty perfume bottles!
Pabango­-obsessed girls know that traveling with your favorite scents can be a huge hassle. While the bottles of the best-smelling ones are super pretty, most of the time, they're bulky, prone to spilling and damage, and just not practical
Smell good even when you're sweaty AF.
Sometimes, we get scared to spritz on a scent when we know it's going to be absolutely hot outside. But we say that if you use the right scents for the season, you're bound to smell mabango and fresh all