It's not 'me.' You'll LOVE 'me.'
Many of us have elements of narcissism in our personality, and that's completely normal. You only get one life, so it makes sense that you'd spend a fair amount of time focusing on what's best for
Let the stars shine the light on what scent to spritz this year.
Read on. Your signature scent awaits!Let them know that you're in charge by spritzing a feminine yet bold fragrance.Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum, P4,000/30ml, Rustan's The Beauty SourceA go-getter like you needs a
No, I don't hate you, I'm just not bubbly.
I'm not sure at what point I started using "intense" as a catch-all descriptor for my personality, but I've been doing so for a while and it fits. It's basically a euphemism for being "serious,"
Open your lippie. Is it slanted or flat?
Opening a new tube of lipstick is ~*orgasmic*~: The color is crisp and smooth, the brand's logo is nicely engraved, and it's never touched another human being's pout before! But over the course of using it,
Sacrifice your fave TV show for now.
I'm not afraid to admit that there's a stack of books waiting for me on my nightstand. And every day, I make a quiet promise to crack one open instead of just turning on Riverdale right when I get home.
'Some fights would involve just verbal attacks and emotional abuse; other times he would get physical.'
No woman is completely happy with her guy. Maybe yours is forgetful and can't seem to recall your monthsary or other important details you expect him to know. Maybe he's a workaholic who's not always around when you want
And other completely made-up coffee trivia we brewed up.
Everybody knows how much of a struggle it is to function in the morning-even early birds depend on that first cup of coffee before they really start the day. But how we take our coffee is where it gets pretty interesting,
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