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At all costs!
1. When you make your boyfriend carry your bag.I'm sorry, but in what continent is this okay? If you bring a bag to the mall, you should be prepared to carry it. Because that's what it is for. To
"Is it that time of the month? Yup, it's defintiely that time of the month." UGH.
Don't you hate it when you're trying to have a conversation with your boyfriend and he's too distracted by his phone or the TV to give you more than a two-word answer? Or when he tries to get
Compromise is essential to any relationship, but there are some things that go with the territory. Here are a few guy traits you shouldn't try to change.
1. His Devotion To His Favorite SportSports lovers grow up identifying strongly--like, insanely strongly--with certain players and teams. It's a huge part of their sense of self. It may not seem like a big deal, but if you make
"He's perfect, but..." Do you find yourself saying this? Learn how to subtly weed out the little things that get on your nerves without hurting him.
So, you've scored a great boyfriend--except there's this little blip, like he's obsessed with his hair, or he wears hideous bling. Other people probably don't see the flaw, but it drives you freakin' nuts. Let us help.
If the dance diva/host/actress/fashion designer/entrepreneur can look great everyday despite her busy sched, you can, too! Learn her secrets.
When you've got a busy work sched, trying to finish everything before the holiday break, on top of all the last-minute holiday gift and outfit shopping for parties, it's easy to find an excuse to look haggard and not
...and on using acting chops on a date. The handsome TV personality, singer, and theater actor spills to Cosmo.
The superstar goes fun and fearless as she chats with Cosmo about things she loves--including, you got it, MEN.