There is no fighting it.
I know lip gloss is hard to wear in our country's weather, but hear me out first. It's slick and sticky, and it's true you have to worry about your hair touching your pout. But allow
It's basically Lisa Frank for your lips.
Lip gloss has been around for what feels like forever, so when you think you've seen or tried them all, in come these holographic, colorful, shimmery, oil-spill-like formulas from Sigma Beauty. Pretty gorgeous and magical, right?!I had to
Prepare him for long trips by taking him on shorter ones first.
1. Never keep your pet in your lap or the front seat. While this makes sense, I still see a lot of owners holding their pets in their laps. I presume they only do this for short distances, although this doesn't
Take the boredom out of your room with these fun and functional décor ideas!
1. Chalkboard Daily PlannerPaint 7 pieces of wooden blocks or cardboard with chalkboard paint to represent each day of the week. With colorful chalk, write down reminders or draw cute characters to hang on your wall.2. Music WallDecorate a blank wall
Stay safe, CGs!
If the typhoons haven't clued you in yet, we're already right in the thick of the rainy season. There are a number of steps to ensure driving safety in the rain. Only one of which involves turning on your hazard
Is it for practicality or pleasure?
One day, you wake up and realize it's time to get a new car. Now, "new" doesn't necessarily mean "brand-spanking-out-of-the-showroom new." It could be a preloved vehicle that's going to be your parking slot'
Do you abuse your hazard button?
We all know that you're not supposed to overspeed, blitz through red lights, or cut off other drivers in traffic. But there are other not-so-obvious manifestations of bad behavior that many local drivers think are normal. Let's take
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