Personal protective equipment and required COVID-19 tests are added to hospital bills.
Giving birth can be expensive even before COVID-19. Expect it to be even higher now. With the fast-spreading and potentially fatal respiratory disease, all healthcare workers are taking necessary precautions by wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE). Hospitals do charge
A patient's billing statement says it's more than one million pesos.
The COVID-19 pandemic poses a grave threat to one's health-and also to one's bank account.Receipts will show that it can cost you as much as P1,112,327.59 to get treated in a private
It's all part of the 2019 Universal Health Care Act.
2020 is bringing in a lot of changes-whether you like it or not. One thing that's sure to make a difference this year is the hike in premium contributions for members of the National Health Insurance Program under the
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