"I would like to take off your glasses and possibly do very bad things to you…" Just kidding. Or not.
A gallery of the finest gentlemen-in specs-during Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2015. Because nerds rule.RELATED:12 Sexiest Things About Nerdy Guys14 Reasons Nerdy Guys Are The Best
You need this in your life.
At the Jerome Salaya Ang show during Philippine Fashion Week SS2015, a model walked the runway in a printed sleeveless dress with a really short hemline-and we're not talking about an ordinary mini. The asymmetrical dress had a slit cut
It's like the Cosmo Bachelor Bash, but with clothes.
Aside from the amazing clothes that you can totally wear IRL and the front-row chatter that had us LOL-ing, we were also on the lookout for hot hunks during Philippine Fashion Week SS2015. Launch the gallery and see new and
"Oooh, so that could work?" Yes, yes it can.
We picked the most wearable outfit combinations from Philippine Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2015 for days when you have NOTHING to wear.
F*ck this, I'm wearing sneakers.
1. YAY! I can't believe it's Philippine Fashion Week already! I'm so glad I bought new heels which hurt soo much. But if I break into them...now, they will be super comfortable...tonight! Awwwyiiiiiz.2. But what do
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