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It's 2020-there's an app for literally everything now. Need cool apps to edit your photos to make 'em gram-worthy? We got you. Want to pay your bills in the comfort of your own home? No
Enter Co-Star.
Before, we'd only ever mention our zodiac signs when we're filling out our grade school friends' slambooks. Now, though, the entire world wide web has taken particular interest in astrology and what they say about our personalities,
No need to leave the house!
If there's one thing that most people have in common, it's a dislike for bills-specifically, paying them. It doesn't help when you add the hassle of dealing with traffic, long lines, heat, and-often-inconvenient
See what the hype is all about!
By now, there's a good chance you've seen the game Adorable Home all over social media (and on every other phone you accidentally look at on the MRT). It's literally *everywhere*-people are posting hacks on Twitter;
Channel your inner influencer in 3, 2, 1....
You know those people whose Instagram grids, IDK, actually make sense? All the photos belong to one single color palette and evoke the same kinda mood? Yeah, there's an app for that. Actually, there are several, all of which are out
No need to delete those vacation Instas forever!
Let's be real, when you're fresh off a breakup, the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning your ex from your social media accounts. Like, it's not enough that your heart is broken, but
Channel your inner influencer in 3, 2, 1...
You know those people whose Insta pics look flawless every damn time? Yeah, they aren't using the app's stock set of filters to get that glossy finish. They're using specialized editing apps, which are key to
She only uses one app—and it isn't VSCO!
Let's get one thing right-you can't become a successful fashion blogger if you have a boring #aesthetic. That said, there are plenty of reasons why Kryz Uy has almost half a million followers on Instagram, and one of the
Tired of Gudak? Try any of these 5 alternatives!
With the resurgence of retro fashion, a lot of things reminiscent of the yesteryears are also resurfacing. Apart from wearing tracksuits and playing vinyl records, you might have noticed how social media's been bringing back analog photography. And since looking
Turn them into works of art.
The filters on Snapchat and Instagram are great, but when you want to impress your friends with ~*cool*~ photos and #art IG stories, get a little help from these free beauty filter apps. They've got a wide selection of filters, adorable
Give your powerbank a break!
Our phones are everything. Our alarm, camera, map, and the device that allows us to reach our mom when sh*t gets real. So, watching its life drain away is painful af, especially when it says it's at 34%.Luckily, Inc.
We've *officially* seen it all.
2017 is already looking promising because now, long-distance lovebirds won't have to go days/months/weeks without physical intimacy... sort of. Thanks to technology, we finally have the "world's first mobile kiss messenger" called Kissenger.Researchers at the Imagineering
Finally, an update we care about!
Let's be real: 2016 was a complete shit show.Facebook knows how badly we need to bring the ~*sparkle*~ back into our lives, which is why their newest update is something we're really excited about.According to Tech Crunch, Facebook
The surprises just keep coming.
What the hell is happening?Snapchat just released four new features this week, and Instagram is not having it. The 'gram launched its latest feature so now you don't have to worry about taking screenshots of all the people you not-
Delete your ex, girl.
Can we all just admit that Instagram is the ~*queen*~ of social media right now? Not only has it made a lot of bold moves in trying to make the Internet a safer community, it also came out with a bunch of
Step aside, Snapchat!
Instagram's Stories feature was introduced three months ago, and the Internet's first reaction was that it was a Snapchat rip-off. But while you were sleeping, Instagram launched a few updates that finally set stories apart from snaps-and we'
Learn the differences between amateur and professional shots!
As much as we love to hate on those who stand on chairs just to get that perfect foodie angle of their dinner, there's no denying that people invest a lot of money to cultivate that cool and chic Instagram vibe.
Bye, Internet trolls!
Last month, the Internet-*cough* Jelena shippers *cough*-crossed the line by spewing hate about Justin Bieber's rumored new ladylove, Sofia Richie. Even Selena Gomez shared her two cents. However, the Biebs had about enough and, much to our disappointment, deleted
With a French accent. Or British. Or Scottish.
Nothing terrifies people more than the sound of their alarm clock. Like, honestly, how many times have you heard another person's phone ring to the tune of your daily alarm sound and panicked? Too many times. We flipped out when we
Keep calm, and meditate on your smartphone.
Our mobile phones can provide pretty much anything these days, so we searched the App Store for the best meditation programs that can reduce stress, increase focus at work, slow down aging, release happy hormones, and improve our overall wellbeing in the
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