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It's all in the RAM.
If you're still using your trusty old 1st or 2nd Generation iPhone, chances are it's not as efficient as it used to be. Apps may take longer to open, internet browsing may be slower, or worse, it just completely hangs
The surprises just keep coming.
What the hell is happening?Snapchat just released four new features this week, and Instagram is not having it. The 'gram launched its latest feature so now you don't have to worry about taking screenshots of all the people you not-
A good reason not to scrimp on this occasion.
While life is very expensive and we'll probably never be able to afford a house or even socks without holes in and stuff, this is just a gentle reminder that sometimes, sometimes, we shouldn't cut corners financially.Like with our
Will we ever have a clear answer?!
It's the plea heard by air passengers all over the world: "Please turn off all electronic devices." And you probably follow it, but do you know why? Something about "the signal," right?The flight rule about turning your gadgets off was
It's all Siri's fault.
You might have already heard about this annoying new iPhone hack: it allows people to send messages, make calls and post Facebook updates from your phone-even when it's locked.Pranksters are using Siri to do it. They summon the voice
It's the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night.
1. It cuddles with you when you sleep. In fact, you probably prefer sharing a bed with it, because at least your phone does not steal the covers and then deny it the next morning.2. You're always wondering if you
No, you don’t have to drain the battery of your new phone.
1. Closing all your apps magically saves your battery.Leaving your apps open in the background has absolutely no effect on your battery life. Closing them also won't make your phone run faster. Think about it: Apple comes out with a
Watch the vid and be informed, CGs!
We cannot live without our phones, TBH. But we bet you didn't know that the way you've been charging it this whole time actually diminishes its lifespan! Watch the vid below for some very useful charging hacks!P.S. You'
Here's how you're really meant to do it.
There are certain tasks we complete in life that don't require a second thought, like brushing our teeth, or clicking "Yes" when Netflix asks us if we're still watching Jane the Virgin. If, like us, you thought putting your phone
Just in time for the summer and music festival season.
1. Hide your cash or IDs in between your phone and the phone case. You definitely don't need to lug around all credit cards. Only bring the money and IDs you need, and slip them discreetly in your phone case.2.