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We got to see the ~fun~ side of the Sorsogon Governor!
Heart Evangelista is not only an actress, model, visual artist, content creator, and brand ambassador, now, she's a stylist as well. Fresh from her weeks-long trip to New York and Los Angeles, Heart got back to work in Manila
Her caption says, 'I can be—and will be—happy and content even without you.'
Bathed in sunrise glow, medicine student Samantha Luna walked down the aisle alone in her dream wedding dress, without a groom waiting for her at the altar. It's the happy ending she made for herself after a broken engagement, one
She *almost* lost her diamonds too!
Rabiya Mateo has been proudly representing the Philippines in the US for her many pre-pageant events for the 2020 Miss Universe competition. She's got a slew of press activities, a ton of training to do, and even more photoshoots
Feed inspo!
When it comes to posting on Instagram, know that you're not limited to just posting pictures of your face, OOTD, or the scenery. You can ~manipulate~ certain elements and objects to make your feed look a lot more interesting! Case
In case you're already *super* bored.
Now that we're all pretty much still staying at home (and staying safe!) we've all been looking for all the ways we can entertain ourselves so we don't live in the unhealthy cycle of sleeping and snacking (#guilty). According
No extreme props needed.
We've lost count on the days we were advised to stay at home (which is a privilege), and we miss wearing our ~pang-porma clothes~. If you find sharing your cool outfits on Instagram as a form of creative outlet,
Here’s what you can expect if you’re planning to do the same.
Like several ~*millennials*~, I unwittingly became a believer that travel is a great investment. And as many of my friends know, almost all my foreign trips are in Korea, where I feel like I get my money's worth with the culture,
Your updated feed will make everyone jealous of your trip!
Congratulations! You've finally given yourself that well-deserved vacation. Sure, living in the moment is fine, but immortalizing your beach trip is just as important for moments when you want to look back. Here, we teach you what type of
Warning: Intense sweetness.
VOGUE MagazinePop star Zayn Malik and his supermodel girlfriend Gigi Hadid are celebrating their relationship with a joint photoshoot for Vogue.The former One Direction heartthrob, 23, has only been dating the 20-year-old supermodel since November, but their status as
Take your pick from these A-listers' prenup photos!
Bianca Gonzalez and JC IntalJC proposed to Bianca with roses and love letters the moment she arrived at the airport. The couple tied the knot in December of 2014. Marian Rivera and Dingdong DantesMarian and Dingdong aka the royal couple of showbiz
Maximize the use of those beautiful images!
Your photographer's wedding package includes a whole bunch of prenuptial photos, and you think it would be great if you could make it a part of your wedding celebration.Here are some creative ways to display the photographs at your reception:
For Cosmopolitan Philippines' 14th Anniversary, we snagged for our cover the gal who embodies the modern-day Filipina: former <i>Bb. Pilipinas</i> Universe Venus Raj!
Cosmo magazine has been empowering fun, fearless Filipino females for the past 14 years, and for our anniversary month, we wanted to nab someone extra special to grace the cover of our magazine. Who better to feature as we celebrate all these