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KC Concepcion, Georgina Wilson, Phoemela Baranda, and more owe their hotter bods to Plana Forma. Find out what it's all about--and why you really <i>must</i> try it!
If you are ready to meet Mr. Right, you ought to be prepared! One fun way to become more attractive to that hot new guy you're eyeing will only take 55 minutes out of your day!Plana Forma brings to Manila
This August, campaign winner Amie Perez learns Pilates and talks about how you can stay fit, even if you think you don't have the time.
I had been out of shape the past few months. My workouts became less frequent, until I stopped exercising altogether. I could have just blamed it on the greater demands of my new job, the longer commute to work, or the crazy
Working odd hours can take a toll on your health. Fight back with these tips.
For a lot of you Cosmo Chicks, especially those in the call center or IT business, hitting the sack is just wistful fancy-a dream that you really can't visit until the sun comes up. But we know that sleeping