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Maureen Wroblewitz has been a Shawn Mendes stan since she was 15 years old. Now 21, the Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5 winner finally got to tick one box from her teen bucket list: to have an *unedited* photo
Get you a man who can take a 'gram like this.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just wrapped up their first royal tour as a married couple, and the world watched in awe as they took on 76 engagements in 16 days after making a pregnancy announcement that basically broke the internet. Tired
Tbh, a cup of coffee serves a good aesthetic.
The love for coffee is universal-whether it be iced or hot, it's just the ultimate drink to keep us energized for the long days ahead. Brewing a cup of Joe at home spending chill afternoons in a café are
Only the best for the birthday babe!
It's your special day, so we're pretty sure your friends will allow you to dominate their feed. Make it fun for everyone, including yourself, by documenting your special day with nothing but double-tap worthy poses. Take cues
She called her the 'most special' birthday gift.
In honor of her own 21st birthday, Kylie Jenner just blessed the world by posting the first new pictures of Stormi since June."Bringing in my birthday tonight with my most special gift. What was life before you, Stormi. I love you,
If you're looking for a foolproof pose for your next profile picture, try this easy peasy celeb-approved trick: JUST. CLOSE. YOUR. EYES. So simple, right?If you're not yet a believer of this ~formula~, scroll down to
Perfect. They're perfect.
Kensington Palace just dropped a few pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (have you, like, heard of them?) on Insta. These pictures (these glorious, glorious pictures) are to serve as the official marker of the couple's engagement.The pictures
How thoughtful!
We've all come to know people who've had their pictures taken with celebs-heck, we might have done it at (more than) one point in our lives. But it isn't so common for stars to post pictures with their
Girl proves she never had an awkward phase.
It isn't Thursday yet so why has Ellen Adarna been posting #throwback pics on her Insta? We don't know but we sure aren't complaining! After our March Cosmo cover girl made the interwebs buzz by sharing her ~*gorgeous*~ high
Double tap-worthy indeed.
All of us who follow James Reid and Nadine Lustre on Instagram know that they don't post on the regular. But when they do, they set the bar HIGH on millennial ~aesthetics ~.The couple got the chance to stop over in
Why was Diana made to look shorter than her husband?
You know when you go for ages without noticing something, but then someone points it out and you just can't un-see it? Yeah, that's happened to us with these old photos of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.As pointed
Warning: These are upsetting.
Images from inside the Kim Kardashian robbery crime scene at Paris' Hôtel de Pourtalès have been released, and they're upsetting.The images include a gag used on Kim during the heist, as well as tape used to bind her
It's legit, you guys!
British royal Prince Harry has been photographed with his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle for the first time.The 32-year-old confirmed he was dating the Suits actress in an official Kensington Palace statement last month, and while Meghan has been spotted
'Hinuli siya at ngayon magpa-pa-picture ka pa doon?'
While it's normal to get excited over having your picture taken with a celebrity, there are instances when it really isn't a good idea.Such is the case involving two female police officers who posed for a photo with actor
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on October 4, 2016!
1 Solenn Heussaff just gave a sassy clapback to an Instagram user who hated on her bikini pic. After Solenn posted a photo of her relaxing by the pool in a nude Boom Sason bikini, IG user @iam_arleneski commented: "Maghubad ka na
It's a legit concern, you guys.
Ever since Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil got together as a couple, their IG game has been immensely strong. The two have sparked our wanderlust with their travels all over the world, specifically their #GOALS couple pics. But we've always
Next up on our bucket list!
Nikki Gil and her hubby BJ Albert have been upping their travel game ever since they tied the knot in November 2015. The not-so-newlyweds have gone to exotic beaches and European tours with the whole fam, and, just recently, they
Yes, yes we can see it now!
We're sure a lot of people wished the coupling of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston never, ever happened. For most of you Hiddleswift haters (Admit it, you guys exist), it's like you tried to block out any trace of those
Calm down, errbody. Seeing James Reid and Nadine Lustre kiss is NBD for us, right? Right.But who are we kidding? LOLSo our fave boy James just sent out this super sweet Thank You post for his recent surprise birthday bash c/
'I feel like a zoo animal, and I wanna be able to keep my sanity.'
Justin Bieber has urged fans to stop asking him for a photo because he feels like a "zoo animal" and is done taking snaps with them.The "Sorry" singer took to Instagram to make the announcement, and simply wrote, "If you happen