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Fun fact: It's less likely to get infected than your other, more visible ones.
While a genital piercing may not be as common or easy as getting your ears or belly button pierced, it is a very similar process. A small hole is placed and made to insert a ring, stud, or other piece of jewelry-
It's the year of curated ears!
Now that 2021 is just around the corner, we think it's the best time for you to *fulfill* one of your long-time bucket list goals of curating your ears-it's the perfect way to start your "New
Let the ~*stars*~ decide for you.
If you're looking for a more ~unique~ way to spice up your look, getting multiple ear piercings is the way to go. The only problem is that there are so many options and combinations available-such as helix, daith, industrial,
It's a criminally underrated spot.
Here's the sitch: You want to add another piercing to your ear, but you're not yet ready for more ~advanced~ placements like the rook and daith. You also don't want to settle for another lobe piercing.
They look so good!
ICYDK, piercings are *officially* the coolest beauty accessory of 2020. Proof? Tons of celebs and influencers are curating their ears! The latest person to join in on the trend is Mae Layug, who recently showed off her brand-new babies in her
And she did it with her entire team!
For anyone who's been thinking about getting a new piercing-yes, you can actually book an appointment during quarantine-Kathryn Bernardo is here to convince you to do just that! Ever since Kath got helix piercings with good friends Juan
The studio encourages clients to set an appointment before making a visit.
Do you still remember the things you got to do and the places you got to visit before the lockdown was announced? For me, I clearly remember getting a helix piercing before the quarantine started. The process was painful, but it was
She posted about it on TikTok and the post has now gone viral.
It's normal to be nervous when you're about to get a piercing-even if it isn't your first time. After all, an object is about to pierce your skin, so it's bound to be
We want them all, TBH!
Here at, we are ~obsessed~ with piercings-we think there's nothing prettier than a blinged-out ear. If you're just like us and you're thinking about getting your ears pierced again but you want to branch out
Learn how to do proper aftercare for your piercings here.
Consider your ear piercing as an open wound in your body. It's basically punctured skin with a foreign body stuck in it. We must take extra care of it. One wrong move may lead to infection and pain, which can
Your ultimate guide to multiple ear piercings is here.
Remember when we said piercings are officially the coolest accessory you can get this year? Well, it's showing no signs of dying down any time soon. It seems like all your favorite influencers and celebs are getting not just one,
Let your ears do all the talking.
A single ear piercing is old news-this year, we're all about ~quantity~! All our favorite celebs and influencers have jumped on the multiple ear piercings bandwagon, and it's high time that you did, too. If you'
They're not just your basic studs.
If you've scrolled through Instagram in the last, idk, five minutes, you're well aware that piercings are having a ~moment~. Gone are the days when getting your ears pierced at the mall kiosk felt peak cool-2020 is all about
It can actually *shatter* your cartilage.
It's offish: Getting multiple piercings is cool now-that second or third ear candy is practically a rite of passage for a lot of people. It's a sign that they are owning their bodies.There are two ways
Did you know you can make your own saline solution to disinfect your piercings?'ve gotten over your fear of needles and you finally got your ears pierced! Hurray! Now comes the ~harder~ part-the aftercare. This is the step that is most important because it can determine whether or not your piercing
They’re so freaking pretty.
If you could see my Instagram saved collection rn, you'd probably think I have a weird obsession with noses. And it's not not true, considering I've wanted a septum piercing (aka that sliver of skin between your left and
We know you want to.
Getting multiple ear piercings is becoming increasingly popular--you probably know more than one friend who has a daith or helix piercing. If you want to try it before the year ends, it's not too late! Here are the best
Looking to get your ears pierced? This is the sign you've been waiting for.
Getting an ~extra~ ear piercing is nothing out of the ordinary now. Chances are, a lot of your friends have them, too! If you're feeling a little jealous and left out, don't worry, because we've rounded
It's time to make that Instagram inspo come to life.
It's official, getting an extra ear piercing is ~on-trend~. There are lots of gorgeous curated ear-piercing photos floating around Instagram and Pinterest, and we see you saving those posts, girl! If you're ready to add more
Sign. Me. Up.
You had your earlobes pierced when you were younger, and as an adult, you felt a little adventurous and got a helix piercing as well. "What's next?" you ask yourself. If you're looking for an unusual, hella cute,