Desperate times call for desperate measures.
You've heard of acne stickers-the little patches that can quickly banish a zit. These babies, unfortunately, are quite elusive. They're always OOS! But thanks to our IG stalking skills, we stumbled upon Michelle Hoang's DIY
Banish breakouts and bring out your skin's glow.
Facial wash is the first product you need to possess clear skin. It's important to get one that purifies the pores, manages oil production, and gets rid of already-existing blemishes. We round up the best cleansers you can try, depending
Here are the most effective ways to get clear skin for every budget.
If you feel like commercially-available products aren't solving your pimple problems, we researched and verified with a dermalogist the best ways to get rid of acne. Here, we detailed the its causes, the safest professional treatments to get, and
'Sayang, maganda ka pa naman.'
1. "Do you even wash your face?"Why do people assume that girls with acne have acne, because they don't wash their faces enough? There are so many other things that can trigger zits, such as stress and hormonal imbalance.2. "
Don't watch before or after a meal.
Call us crazy, but we honestly find disgusting pimple-popping videos oddly therapeutic. Ever since these videos rose to popularity (thanks to Dr. Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper), we've been watching them non-stop. It's just so satisfying when
This woman says it is!
As the latest addition to the ever-growing list of Beauty Hacks Of Instagram, Farah Dhukhai-the same lady who shared that onions will help you achieve bushy brows-demonstrated how rubbing garlic on your pimple will help dry it up overnight.
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