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Meet Chin Chin Tagala.
No matter where you are in the world, one way or another, you'll always feel the ~bayanihan spirit~ of Filipinos. Whether it's a simple or grand gesture, Pinoys are usually at the frontline whenever it comes to helping
'The industry is as fast-paced as the games we play.'
It's funny how life chooses to surprise us. We could be focused on *one* career path for years and suddenly, there's this whole other world we've yet to discover. For instance, one Pinay majored in Communication
'Tattoo artistry is my way of speaking to the world and conveying a message.'
Many people shift careers for various reasons. Some want a change in environment, while others find their calling later on in life. For Pinay trans woman Kishan Garcia, her body and her identity are major influences in her career switch. Kishan graduated
Get a peek of their luxurious lives and well-decorated homes.
If you clicked on this, chances are, you already follow celebs like Heart Evangelista and Georgina Wilson. You can't deny that a lot of Filipinos still have a fascination with the lives of the rich and famous. We love to
'It gave me something to look forward to after work.'
Up until I graduated from college, my relationship with my body and fitness, in general, has always been relatively okay. I've been a taekwondo athlete since I was nine years old, but I stopped when I turned 20. Since it
She's also part of the team who choreographed Sarah G's 'Tala'!
Dancing queen Minzy is back and she's on ~fire~! The K-pop star just released the music video for her song "Teamo" this week-and while we were busy swaying our hips to its addictive beat, we're also
Get to know the rising TikTok star with over two million followers.
If you're on TikTok, chances are you've come across Nana Silayro's videos on your fyp. As a comedian and advocate of self-love, the 20-something Pinay from Iloilo City is a rising star you absolutely *
'I was hesitant to apply. But I did it anyway.'
When it comes to making career-related decisions, I know I'm not alone when I say that it can be difficult to ~take the risk~ and see what opportunities are out there in other fields. I totally get it: There&#
These female voices are an 'evolving unique importance.'
On April 27, the clear voice of coastguard radio operator Gretch Mary Acuario rang over the waters of Sabina Shoal in the West Philippine Sea, calling a challenge to seven silent Chinese militia vessels. "This is Philippine Coast Guard BRP Cabra (MRRV-
'This is a very fulfilling job. You will be helping hundreds of people.'
Growing up, one of the most common questions we've probably gotten from family and friends is about what course we wanted to major in college. TBH, there are people who have always known what they wanted to be from the
'It's really satisfying when you have a very aesthetic and trendy space.'
By now, you've probably already noticed that we just can't get enough of space makeovers. We've featured stories about a boho-inspired apartment, a quirky room for a ~cool girl~ aesthetic, and a DIY project that
Dawn is also a content creator, btw!
I don't know about you, but I find house tour videos absolutely thrilling. It's like getting to know someone on a deeper level because you're stepping into their sanctuary for the first time. Pre-pandemic, I
'It gave me a sense of normalcy.'
As a Media and Communications Officer for a non-profit organization, my day-to-day tasks include creative work like designing publication materials (flyers/posters, event backgrounds, social media cards, etc.), updating our website, writing copy, and building relationships with media partners
Meet Marielle Eduardo.
It's funny how so many of our hopes, dreams, and passions stem from things we learned or were exposed to as children. A young, avid reader could grow up to be a journalist; one ballet class could turn into an
Here's the story behind Makulay Chips.
Whether you're under extreme stress or just in the mood to munch on something, unless you're an expert on self-discipline, chances are you're probably reaching for a bag of chips (or a snack that'
And other random discoveries from Pinays about their dads that are so heartwarming!
Spending more time at home because of the pandemic has definitely led us to so many ~discoveries~. For some, it's an opportunity to pursue new hobbies while for others, it's a chance to declutter and do some space
She owns BTS dinnerware that cost a total of P85,000!
Quick question for all the ARMYs out there: As an official fan of BTS, how have you shown your love for RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook? Chances are you've been collecting all the merch you could
'When you come from a small town, the expectation is quite high.'
While online businesses are not a fresh concept, it was only when the pandemic hit that an influx of these ventures reached a new high. Prior to COVID-19, the idea of attempting to open up a small business using social media
'I wasn't thinking about the money. I was going after what I love the most.'
Growing up, I came from a family of medical professionals and educators. My mom is a nurse by profession and my dad is a veterinarian. Life wasn't easy for them. Lumaki sa hirap ang mga magulang ko and I'
Including a tennis player, gymnast, basketball phenom, and more.
ICYMI, Filipino-Japanese pro-golfer Yuka Saso just made history after bagging the title for the 76th US Women's Open. Yuka, who is only 19 years old, played against 22-year-old Nasa Hataoka of Japan. According to LPGA, Yuka