'Did I need to think twice about fighting for her? No. All I needed was to be human.'
It's fun being a girl...until you remember the pay gap, rape culture, the lack of reproductive freedom, and all the social injustices women face on the reg. Knowing that not just fellow women, but even men have your back makes
'I've dated women who criticized me for not being man enough, for not having slept around more.'
Ever wondered how many people the men in your life have slept with? It's something we've thought about but don't ask outright-more so if the man in question is your boyfriend, in which case the fear that he
They're here to serve YOU!
So what happens when three of the biggest and hottest stars go undercover as regular peeps? Well, expect all of the three reactions: 1. LOTS of staring; 2. Confusion; and 3. Hysteria (which can be masked by awkward laughter). These were the
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