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Cheers to our favorite quarantine trends!
Every day, we encounter products that help improve our lives. You've probably been also "budol-ed" by recommendations of your friends, people in Facebook groups, or influencers. These recos are actually cool because they are real reviews, aka these are
The secret ingredient is *always* cheese.
When I pick a show or movie to watch, especially when I can't sleep at night, I actively avoid anything that's set in New York (so that automatically rules out half of all rom-coms, lol). It'
Plan ahead because they're only open on weekends!
Even in the middle of a pandemic, pizza has proven to be one of the most reliable comfort foods. Not only does it travel well-which means it can be easily delivered-but it also tastes good even if it's
If you live in Iloilo, you need to try it for yourself!
Arguably one of the good things about quarantine is seeing how food experiments can turn into delicious trends we all benefit from. Like in March, when dalgona coffee tested your wrist strength and everyone made baked banana bread at least once. We
Make your cheesy dreams come true!
The rainy season is upon us and 'Ber months are coming so we must prepare for chilly nights ahead. TBH, we waited for these cooler times to arrive sooo bad-we can finally go easy on our electric fans and air-
It's got pizza, pasta, chicken, Mojos, and more!
Celebrating someone's birthday or just marathoning your favorite series with the family? There's nothing like feasting on pizza and chicken while bonding with the people you love, and it's even better when you can get it
They're reusable!
We truly admire establishments that push for more sustainable practices. Supporting a business that operates with eco-friendly solutions help ease the problems with global waste and carbon footprint.One restaurant in Pila, Laguna aims to save the Earth one pizza at
See if an available branch is near you!
Good news! Though the enhanced community quarantine led to the temporary shutdown of many food establishments, Shakey's has officially announced the reopening of several of their stores. Select branches will be returning for service in areas in Manila, Makati, Muntinlupa,
Pizza lovers unite!
Truth time: I would choose pizza over pasta or any other carb dish out there. There's just something about the greasy, gooey goodness of it that takes my breath away. And my love for pizza is unconditional.Ugh, okay, I&#
This promo will run for two days only.
What could be better than pizza? Well, there's pizza at a discounted price! Sbarro is celebrating National Cheese Day by offering an extra large New York Cheese pizza slice for only P1. Yes, you read that right: an extra large
Slice, slice, baby!
Is there a more perfect food than pizza? A single slice contains all of the important food groups: You have your carbs from the crust, dairy from the cheese, fiber from the tomato sauce, and protein from the toppings. And it's
It feels good to occasionally indulge!
Anne Curtis is a ~beast~ when she exercises every day, as seen on her Instagram feed and in her Instagram stories. She credits her trainer Arnold Aninion for her intense circuit training workouts:Occasionally, though, there are those tempting treats that Anne
Slice, slice, baby!
When I think about all the pizza I've consumed in my 28 years on Earth, I can't recall a time when I've had bad pizza. Even cheap pizza is good pizza, because if you think about it, it's
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Each 'Super Slice' is around five to six normal-sized pizza slices.
Some people can't stop watching pimple popping or extraction videos, but I'm a different kind of gross. If you live on the internet like I do, then you're probably aware that there are literally YouTubers out there who film
Pizza is life? Yeah, 'cause it'll take you a lifetime to pay for one order.
Last year, the internet went nuts for a 24k gold donut with ube mousse inside. And if you can't remember, let us refresh your memory: It was worth $100 or P5,000. Just when you thought nothing could be more absurd
So this is why our matte lipstick never stays put after scarfing down some greasy pizza! Seriously, that pepperoni slice almost always leaves us with just a ring of color on our lips.Seventeen editor Kelsey Stiegman randomly discovered just how effective
An Italian pizza expert tells us we've been eating it wrong this whole time.
Alright, this isn't going to be the most important thing you'll learn on the internet today, but anything related to pizza is important enough to grab my attention so I may as well share it with you.You&#
Well, duh.
In what is arguably the greatest study of all time, SCIENCE-the real MVP-is at it again and this time, it is backing the notion that the way to anyone's heart is through his or her stomach. A study led
And save yourself from gaining extra weight.
Chances are anyone who's ever dabbed oil from her pizza has been called either maarte or weird (because hey, the oil makes the pizza taste so much better!). TBH anyone can eat pizza the way she wants, and that includes trying