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'I should've arrived at the airport 4 hours early like my dad always does!'
1. Figuring out how to get through the airportBefore: You'd simply tail mom and dad, who are in charge of leading the entire family from the entrance, through all the confusing counters, and to your designated plane seats.Now: Bakit ang
Can you afford their lifestyles?
When you ask ~*millennials*~ about where their money goes or what their #priorities are, a lot of them are bound to answer "travel." There are even couples who fly to a new place multiple times a year-all while maintaining full-time
Because we all know that every piso counts.
1. Book cheap or free flights.With the exception of teenagers and unemployed adults, there's something annoying about people who claim, "I can't afford to fly." Yes, traveling requires money, but with enough diligent research, booking a flight doesn't
Get a side job that will allow you to save up for your travel fund.
Travel has become such a crucial part of every millennial's life; for most of us, it's even more important than building an emergency fund. And that's okay. To each her own. Some people work nonstop for months to be
Looks like God's own vacay destination.
India is a destination right out of a storybook. There are the majestic monuments (the Taj Mahal is only one of many), the wild Bengal tigers that make up the fantastic beasts, and, of course, the colorful scenes to experience at the
Yes, a woman can travel the world by herself.
When a woman says she wants to travel the world by herself, she can stereotypically be met with some disapproving glances or double takes. "What? By yourself?" someone will say.And while said skeptical person probably only has your best interests at
Where to next?
Ready for another year of travel and exploration? Should you go for a beach escapade or a cultural adventure? Find out now! Visit Kate on and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.
One brave soul reaches out to the group and throws a plan out there.
The invention of the group chat has definitely made making plans with a huge group of people a lot easier, but sometimes it doesn't feel that way. Actually, making plans can feel impossible when your messaging as a group, whether you'
Hours are spent experimenting with how many layers you can feasibly wear, a la Joey Tribbiani, to prevent getting a whopping baggage fee at the airport.
Here are the 19 emotionally exhausting stages of planning your summer holiday:1. You realize that daydreaming about being on holiday has started taking up an alarming portion of your day, so it's probs time to actually book one.2. But