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A new hobby is waiting for you!
I'm the type of person who likes keeping myself busy. When I feel like I've been a couch potato for a long time (aka lying in bed for hours and scrolling my feed nonstop), I would look for
Can't wait to set the table!
Pre-quarantine, I found it weird when people would collect dishware. I asked myself: "What good would bring to someone's life?" Sure, the plates look pretty and the tablescape screams chic and elegant, but I believed back then that beautiful
Nothing's over P300!
Once you enter a plate phase, it's hard to get out especially when more and more kitchenware shops with cute and affordable tableware pop up. If you're still on the lookout for pretty plates and other kitchen finds,
We need these in our lives!
Our obsession with pretty, IG-worthy plates is far from over, and we have Cerco (@ceramic_collective) to blame for that. One of their recent releases, the Milky Mini Collection, is absolutely perfect for our dream ~cool girl~ aesthetic. Check it out below:
We want everything!
For some unexplained reason, Pinoys have been busy upgrading their spaces while in quarantine. The bedroom, sala, kitchen, and dining room all have simple to extravagant home improvement projects.One particular quarantine phenomenon we have noticed is the growth of Platitas and
Make your dinner table look extra interesting!
Minimalist tableware seems to be the trend these days but if you want to break the mold and have your food photos stand out, you might want to consider adding pops of prints and color to your tablescape. We stumbled upon a
They'll elevate your food photos!
If you're a lot like us, you probably have an obsession with #aesthetic tableware. Whether it's pretty plates or cute cups-you'll immediately hit that "add to cart" button whenever you spot something that will make
They'll look so good on the 'gram!
Aside from indoor gardening, one of the things we've been obsessed with is buying ~aesthetic~ plates, mugs, and cups. They just make our quarantreats seem extra delish, don't you think? If you're tired, however, of the
They have several branches in and around the metro.
Are you spending more time in the kitchen during the last five months of quarantine? You've probably noticed by now some items that need replacing or items you want to add to your kitchen. One of the known places where
Calling all platitos and platitas!
If you've been cooking a lot during the quarantine, you've probably thought of sprucing up your kitchen-including your dinnerware! While there are many stylish ceramic plates you can find online, those that are made of wood are
OMG, we want everything.
Hello, and welcome to another episode of "Cute Stuff We Found On Instagram!" Today, we will be shining the spotlight on Cura Cura PH, a local online shop that sells a variety of pretty plates and other ~aesthetic~ home decor.ICYDK, they
Their items are 100 percent Filipino made.
Welcome to another edition of #aesthetic home stuff finds! This time, we place the spotlight on this IG shop that sells 100 percent Filipino-made and sourced marble dishware and home decor. Meet Ren Marble.They've got mugs, bowls, plates,
They'll make your food photos double tap-worthy!
If you're a lot like us, your IG feed is probably starting to look like a foodstagram. Whether you've been on the lookout for local home bakers or whipping up your own dishes in the kitchen, you probably