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Happy Women's Month!
While K-pop songs are easy to listen and dance along to because of the way their music is produced, more often than not, listeners tend to overlook the true meaning of a song. A lot of K-pop tracks actually talk
Buckle up for a ~cosmic ride~ to EXO Planet!
When we talk about K-pop, it's always nice to see talented personalities make their way to the top. But it's also a pleasure to meet a seasoned group who still reinvents themselves and brings something new to
Get ready to connect with the group!
Music transcends time and generations. There are no language and age requirements for you to enjoy listening to it. We appreciate the diversity and artistry in music because it allows us to understand ourselves, manage our emotions, and provide realizations. With this,
Feeling the need for a pity party for yourself? Add these sad songs to your playlist!
Each BTS member has never been involved in a public romantic relationship since their debut. They did, however, admit to having some tragic experiences in the past. For instance, Yoongi (Suga) confessed he had an ex-girlfriend. He even wrote a painful
It’s that time of the year again!
The weather has been cooler than usual lately and Christmas is finally here Have you finished your Christmas gift list already? The holiday season is a mix of different feelings: Some people love to bask in the festivities and celebrations spent with
These tracks will show you there are a million reasons why you should love yourself.
I think many fellow BTS fans would agree that a lot of ARMY came for the visuals and stayed for the music. Okay, the visuals keep us coming back for more, too. But the music of the biggest boyband in the world
Discover new songs that will give you major LSS!
It's time for a K-pop playlist update! November is one packed month of awesome Korean song releases: Aside from the comebacks of our favorite K-pop boy groups and girl groups, let's check out the songs released by Korean
Prepare to create more Moments of Alwaysness!
One reason why we listen to music-may it be K-pop or any other genre-is for us to relieve stress and get our much-needed dose of comfort. The music industry is full of talented personalities but it's always
They’re perfect for love letters, captions, and even wedding vows.
As ARMY will tell you, BTS has an excellent list of songs for loving yourself. They also have beautiful songs about friendships. But this charming group of idols has also captured hearts everywhere with lyrics that just sweep you off your feet.
Get to know this talented group!
If you haven't checked out VERIVERY yet, this is THE sign you've been waiting for! Hailed as the most-synchronized fourth-generation K-pop boy group, VERIVERY debuted on January 9, 2019, with seven members namely Lee Dongheon, Bae Hoyoung,
You’ll absolutely ~lose it~ once you listen to these b-sides!
ICYMI, K-pop idol group Super Junior D&E is celebrating their 10th(!) debut anniversary on December 16, 2021! Industry veterans Donghae and Eunhyuk have released countless songs together throughout the course of their careers. In the weeks leading up to the
Listen to Red Velvet’s best B-sides to hype yourself up for these queens’ return!
Red Velvet is finally returning for another mini album this August and it's been a long time coming-their first full-group release since 2019! And because this comeback is happening around the time of the group's 7th anniversary, their
She was featured on a global playlist alongside Ariana Grande and Doja Cat.
Julie Anne San Jose just went international. The singer-actress was featured on an electronic billboard in New York's famous Times Square. OMG!Julie Anne is actually one of the international artists featured on Spotify's "EQUAL" campaign, which
Look into D.O.’s finest vocal moments before d-day!
It's finally coming, the moment that all of us EXO-Ls have been waiting for-EXO's main vocal D.O. (whom I shall address throughout this story as Kyungsoo like what the rest of his fans does) will finally
Remember when we used to burn these tracks on a CD?!
Long before music streaming platforms were a thing, OG K-pop fans would go through a lot first before they can listen to their faves. We used to list down the tracks we love, burn them on a cd, and play them
They're worth adding to your playlists.
K-pop fans all have their own personal stories about their love for the genre. For some, the highlight of their fan lives would be the friendships developed because of their fandoms. For others, it could be the inspiration they get from
It's been a *cruel summer* indeed.
Many parts of the world are still in quarantine to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. So...we asked Cosmo Girls for their music recommendations that just might help us get through this lockdown. Enjoy! "Because...COVID."-Bernadette Yup, the title speaks for
Just passing on a 'lil bit of sunshine!
With everything being so uncertain in the world right now, it's hard not to get caught up in a negative headspace. While we do have to address the realities of life, we can only take so much-and it'
Whether you're into indie, pop, rock, or hip-hop!
Running definitely isn't easy. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, it's a continuously challenging workout because you're competing with your own time and endurance-and, I mean, that's the point! As
Our hearts are melting just thinking about him!
Good morning-it's a beautiful day! We're presenting you with a collection of tracks that will surely remind you of cutie Cha Eun Woo. From music that served as the background for his most emotional scenes in My