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Premenstrual dysphoric disorder vs. PMS vs. clinical depression
The (incredibly sexist) joke about premenstrual syndrome (colloquially PMS) is that it drives people to do mean, crazy things. But if you've ever had PMS yourself, you understand. There are few things more disorienting than watching your body inflate every
It's just gonna make the pain worse!
What do Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, and Russia all have in common? They all have paid period leave. Unfortunately, we aren't as privileged. So we do the best we can to get through the day, even when our period cramps
Nope, not chocolate or fries!
For most of us, PMS just feels like an inevitable monthly inconvenience-irrational outbursts, zero tolerance to anyone and anything, and an overwhelming need to consume chocolate in frightening quantities. And while it may seem like our body NEEDS sugar, sugar, and
As if getting PMS isn't bad enough. Ugh!
If you experience PMS (moderate or severe ones), you might be more likely to develop hypertension or high blood pressure later in life. And with hypertension comes a greater risk of health problems like heart disease.According to the study published in
Acne? Bloating? We've got the solutions here.
AcneVitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that fights dry skin and acne, and helps the skin repair itself and fight off bacteria that cause the blemishes. So eat vitamin A-rich food like dark green leafy vegetables such as kale and
We can't wait for the day to come, but yes-PMS Ice Cream is a food thing that might be invented!Texas-born graphic designer Parker Jones created packaging for a non-existent ice cream line targeted towards women who are
"How did melted candy get into my underwear?"
When was the first time you got your period?Underwear brand Dear Kate asked 20 women to candidly talk about the exact moment they found out they became "women." Most of the girls admitted they didn't know what to do. "For
Only your soul mate will bring you dark chocolate when you're laughing and crying at the same time
A group of intrepid (and, ironically, male) scientists have set out to figure out why the hell women get PMS, and they think it's to test our boyfriends.Research from McQuarie University in Australia says that couples that are not a
Otherwise, you might not be able to keep it!
January might seem like the ideal time to ditch an unhealthy habit. After all, everybody's doing it! (Or at least claiming they are.) However, a new study suggests that trying to change your behavior at the wrong point in your menstrual
And when we say cry, we mean "ugly girl cry!"
We all have those few days every month when we either want to run around screaming for joy because wala lang, or lock ourselves in our rooms with a pint of ice cream and cry because yes, wala lang din. Trust us,
View the gallery for instant happiness (or at least temporary distraction).
Is it the dreaded time of the month? Looking at these photos might help!
Dreading that time of the month? He probably is, too. Make it easier on him with these tips for softening the cyclic <em>sungit</em>.<br />
Our Quickie Blogger asks a question that boggles most female minds: which is better, pads or tampons?
Here's a Cosmo Confessions-worthy booboo. I was enrolled in a university in the US for my sophomore year in college. I stayed in one of the dormitories on campus, which was an extremely convenient set-up for me. I&#
Here are some quick tips to help make you feel good, inside and out.