This is the level of comfy we aspire to be with someone!
You know how old married couples can easily talk about absolutely anything? It seems like this is the level of comfy Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo are with each other! During a livestream interview in Thailand, unaware that their microphones were still
'Vacation Constipation' is an actual thing, apparently.
Now don't be shy, we've all been there. Just as the majority of us have experienced sunburn on holiday, we've also had the pleasure of constipation, too.Feeling bloated, sluggish, and gassy and gross seems to
Don't pretend you haven't wondered this before.
Don't act like you've never heard of period poop. If you're a person who has periods, you're almost certainly a person who has period poop-or that confusing and horrific onslaught of bowel activity that coincides with the
This list of trivia about your stool is the sh*t!
Aside from a spot of toilet humor here and there, nobody really talks about their poo, do they? It's not the most ladylike thing to blurt out over any kind of table, never mind whether it's got dinner on it
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