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Salling faces a recommended sentence of four to seven years in prison, and must register as a sex offender.
Mark Salling has struck a deal in his child pornography case, pleading guilty to possession of child pornography involving a prepubescent minor. According to court documents obtained by Cosmopolitan, prosecutors are recommending that the former Glee star be sentenced to four to
The clips were taken via hidden cameras in restrooms and fitting rooms.
You might want to bookmark this for, um, research.
Pornhub has just released its annual Year in Review report, and it is full of fascinating tidbits about how the 23 billion individual worldwide visits paid to Pornhub in 2016 were spent. (They amounted to 4.6 billion hours of porn watched
'Knowing I will never know for sure who my father is, is the hard part.'
Let's be honest-the idea of your parents doin' it is unfathomable. Like, as far as you're concerned, they've only had sex the same amount of times they've got children. Because why the hell would they have sexual
Plus other porn stats backed by research.
A common belief about gender and porn is that while women of all sexual identities can get turned on by people of all genders, men only like to watch stuff that aligns with their stated orientation. Gay men watch men having sex
"We have often warned about pornography's corrosive effects on a man's soul."
At the peak of her career playing a lifeguard on Baywatch in the '90s, it could be said that a lot of adult film actresses wanted to look just like Pamela Anderson. Blonde and voluptuous, the actress was the embodiment of the
'Babe, why do you follow so many naked women on Instagram?'
1. He constantly brings his phone with him to the bathroom. Okay, so he could be reading articles on the toilet or playing the latest trendy gaming app. But he could also be watching porn. So yeah, he's probably watching porn.
It's unconventional, but it's smart.
Italian fashion label Diesel is set to advertise its new range of underwear in pornography website PornHub, as well as in dating apps Tinder and Grindr.The designer brand, helmed by Nicola Formichetti (he's responsible for styling Lady Gaga in
Yep, it's just like any other office job. (Well, kind-of.)
The Walrus has a fascinating read about what it's like to work at the backend (heh) of a porn company; writing copy and maximizing Internet search-ability (SEO) for terms like "rimjob" and "bleached butthole." Though, if you ignore the copious
Girl-on-girl action, apparently.
Fact: More women are watching porn these days. A study conducted by free porn site Pornhub this year has revealed that the percentage of female visitors to the site is at a worldwide average of 24 percent. And get this: The Philippines
Porn stars are coming out that porn actor James Deen raped them.
On November 28, 2015 James Deen, a popular porn star who contributes to the rape fantasy genre, was accused of rape by another popular porn star, Stoya. Stoya, who dated James in 2013, tweeted about her experience: "James Deen held me down
1. Squirting all over the place like this is a guest bedroom. Squirting is already super rare. But squirting all over your leather couch like you DGAF and it happens all the time? No one expects you to not even care about
We polled 497 straight Pinoy guys about their porn habits (anonymously, so they'd have no reason to lie).
In the indie film Don Jon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a porn-addicted dude who prefers his laptop to his lady. Luckily, though, JGL's skeezy character is actually a small minority: Most men use porn as a pastime completely unrelated to
Here are reasons you have every right to be unhappy about the whole thing
Some people believe it's okay that your guy watches porn-that you should be okay with it-because anyway he's not intending to hurt you, that he's not really imagining fucking this and that porn star. They say you'
'It's actually pretty hard to get and maintain an erection on set. Making porn is pretty unsexy.'
A Reddit thread has asked porn actors "what is something the viewers REALLY don't know?" and the answers are... enlightening.We can't vouch for the experience of the writers, but all claim to have worked in the porn industry or
A new study explores the effects of watching up to 25 hours of porn per week.
You might think that guys who are super into porn get so used to seeing sex that's elaborately staged (and super kinky) that the run-of-the-mill sex they encounter IRL loses its luster. It turns out the opposite is
He is not comparing you to porn stars.
1. This isn't his ideal real-life sex. Porn is escapism the same way Once Upon a Time is escapism (except with way more close-ups of balls). Just because he once rubbed one out to anime porn or some fetish
You're going to laugh. It won't be cute.
1. Expectation: You're three glasses deep on date night and ready to try something new and exciting! Amanda says she and her boyfriend watch porn together all the time. OK, porn it is.Reality: You spend half of dinner wondering how
Finally, porn that doesn't make us want to take the vow of celibacy.
PORN. Have you tried watching it? If you have, we're pretty sure you've seen really bizarre stuff, and probably things that made you want to puke/cross your legs/abstain forever/[insert self-preservation gesture here.] Thing is, the videos
Sorry, guys. We're not the only ones who've faked it.
We did a little in-house research in the Cosmo HQ and asked around for sex myths porn would rather have us believe. We were aiming for five misconceptions, but we got 12.Go figure, boys. Myth #1: Men AND women can