Salling faces a recommended sentence of four to seven years in prison, and must register as a sex offender.
Mark Salling has struck a deal in his child pornography case, pleading guilty to possession of child pornography involving a prepubescent minor. According to court documents obtained by Cosmopolitan, prosecutors are recommending that the former Glee star be sentenced to four to
The clips were taken via hidden cameras in restrooms and fitting rooms.
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Pornhub has just released its annual Year in Review report, and it is full of fascinating tidbits about how the 23 billion individual worldwide visits paid to Pornhub in 2016 were spent. (They amounted to 4.6 billion hours of porn watched
'Knowing I will never know for sure who my father is, is the hard part.'
Let's be honest-the idea of your parents doin' it is unfathomable. Like, as far as you're concerned, they've only had sex the same amount of times they've got children. Because why the hell would they have sexual
Plus other porn stats backed by research.
A common belief about gender and porn is that while women of all sexual identities can get turned on by people of all genders, men only like to watch stuff that aligns with their stated orientation. Gay men watch men having sex
"We have often warned about pornography's corrosive effects on a man's soul."
At the peak of her career playing a lifeguard on Baywatch in the '90s, it could be said that a lot of adult film actresses wanted to look just like Pamela Anderson. Blonde and voluptuous, the actress was the embodiment of the
'Babe, why do you follow so many naked women on Instagram?'
1. He constantly brings his phone with him to the bathroom. Okay, so he could be reading articles on the toilet or playing the latest trendy gaming app. But he could also be watching porn. So yeah, he's probably watching porn.
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