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If you've got it, flaunt it, right?
There's no better time to ~*celebrate*~ your bod than when you're at the beach. If you're feeling yourself and you want to flaunt your curves on Insta, here are some sultry poses you can try: READ
Learn how to flaunt what you've got!
Even with the rainy season slowly creeping in, nothing can stop bona fide beach lovers from flaunting what they got in a 'kini. Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate-turned-beauty queen Franki Russell couldn't be a better testament to
The Miss Universe-Philippines and Azkals football player are a match made in heaven!
Miss Universe-Philippines Celeste Cortesi doesn't require much to look good, but when she puts in the extra effort, she's totally unstoppable. Luckily, her beau Matthew Custodio understands the assignment every time, resulting in perfectly in-sync Instagram photos! Can'
Point your toes!
Real talk: Posing in a bikini isn't easy. This is why it always helps to keep some easy, fail-proof poses in mind. Today, we bring you the best ones we learned from actress-slash-beach-lover Maja Salvador, who
Time to step up your IG game!
Trying to level up your Instagram game? There's no better place to look than Rei Germar's feed. The 25-year-old content creator is always posing snaps of her photoshoots on IG, and they're definitely great
She's a pro at posing!
It's no secret that Sarah Lahbati is h-o-t, and she clearly knows how to work it, especially when she's wearing a bikini! If you need some fresh ideas on how to pose for your next beach
No one could be fiercer than the new Valentina herself.
Janella Salvador is gearing up to show us her more sinister side as Darna's equally-as-iconic nemesis, Valentina, in the upcoming TV remake. We're used to seeing the 23-year-old actress be more demure in her
Bookmark this for future reference!
These days, people have been documenting their coffee run. After all, grabbing your favorite drink at a pretty café is a great opportunity to take pics of your cute 'fits (Just always remember to follow safety protocols.) Below, we give you
She's big on neutrals!
Hello there! Welcome back to another episode of our ~*aesthetic*~ Instagram guide series. Here, we help you decode the exact poses, filters, and elements that your favorite celebrities and influencers use to ~curate~ their feed. Previously, we have deciphered the grids of
Look away!
Posing in a bikini isn't as easy as it seems, especially if you're a ~shy girl~, but don't give up! There are many ways you can take a super cute beach photo even if you'
They’re easy to recreate!
Heading to the beach soon? In case you need a peg for your bikini pics, Barbie Imperial has the best poses. The actress has mastered the art of taking photos that are subtle and sexy at the same time!Check out some
For times when you want to be seen, but not ~seen~.
Fact: Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK is our absolute life peg. From her outfits to her hairstyles, the 25-year-old main rapper and lead vocalist creates trends that many people soon follow. If you look at her Instagram, you'll notice
She really knows her best angles!
Posing for pictures may seem like an easy, no-brainer task, but it's actually quite difficult. There are a couple of things you need to take note of: the lighting, where you should place your hands; your background; and your
Let's take notes from the *expert*.
Almost everyone is planning their beach trips, and for sure, along with this is strategizing their IG game.If you're off to somewhere tropical, today is your lucky today because we've got the bikini kween, Ivana Alawi, to
Set your Instagram on fire.
Now that local travel destinations are slowly opening their spots to tourists, almost everyone is preparing to hit the beach. There's been serious FOMO for ~*vitamin sea*~. If you're planning a beach trip, you're probs checking
She's *that girl*.
Sachzna Laparan clearly knows how to work it on Instagram. Whether she's in casual outfits or in a cute bikini, the actress and influencer aced the art of sexy poses on IG. You'll also spot her low-key
The more texture, the better.
I'm telling you, posing against the wall is the easiest way to make your Insta feed more interesting. Your photos would have ~*texture*~ and have an interesting background. Tiles, pebbles, graffiti, bricks, and even light and shadow play add an
Keeping it cool and low-key.
If you're a shy girl, you might find it a bit difficult to pose on Instagram. (Check out our list of foolproof poses you *can* try!) Don't worry, you don't need to stick with the usual "
Her poses are super easy to copy!
For some, it's sooo easy to pose for Insta. But for most of us, we need extra help in the confidence and creativity department. Sometimes, we just forget "our baon poses" once the camera is ready to shoot. Thankfully, Devon
The basics of looking good in photos, right this way.
Posing for the camera can be hard work, especially when you're not used to doing it every day. You may feel self-conscious and sometimes clueless about what pose you should do. To make things easier, we created a simple