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Turns out guys love cowgirl-style just as much as women do! Learn why it works and what you can do to max out your pleasure.
Ask a guy point-blank what does it for him in bed and he's likely to respond "Uh...everything." To demystify that answer, we conducted a massive sex poll aimed at drawing out the dirtiest thoughts of thousands of guys. Among
In honor of our 15th birthday, we're spilling the deets on the 15 most popular sex positions you girls learned from us!
One of the things readers love about Cosmopolitan is the frank and straightforward manner with which we tackle the topic of sex. The popularity of our Love & Lust section has proven that Pinays don't shy away from getting what they want
You may be tempted to hit the snooze button on morning sex, but for your dude, it's a rousing wake-up call. Here are the reasons why he's always up for it in the AM.
Sure, most guys will take sex whenever they can get it. But, there's one time of day when guys really, truly crave it. "Many men are at their horniest first thing in the morning," says sex therapist Arlene Goldman, PhD, coauthor
Make V-Day a night to remember by surprising him with these kinky tricks.
Think of the naughtiest trick you've ever tried in bed. Now, imagine bumping up the intensity so that it's even ballsier. Pretty. Freakin'. Hot. That's the idea behind our dirty dozen--12 wicked moves that go from kinda kinky
Find out which sex positions will "hit the spot," and learn a trick that will give you ultimate bliss!
1. Woman-on-topThink about it: When you're facing your guy yet leaning back at a slight angle, his penis naturally rests against your upper vaginal wall, and even the slightest thrusting means he can easily stimulate your G. Plus, being
We're answering several of your doubts, issues, and questions about the deed as shortly and sweetly as possible.
Learning about sex is like sex itself: You're eager to invest time in doing it, but every now and then, you want it to be fast and furious. Well, consider this the ultimate quickie collection of answers to your most burning
Who doesn't like having sweaty, wicked hot sex? Here's how you can make it loving and intimate at the same time (without resorting to rose petals).
Wild hook-ups that make you wish you had soundproof walls and indestructible bedsprings are a blast, but you probably sometimes crave sex that enhances the emotional and mental closeness between you and your guy. And, although it seems like a no-