Who knew?!
Who knew that academic performance could ever be linked to cosmetics? Babe shared a study published in the Cogent Psychology journal that said putting on makeup can help one ace a test.Researchers came to this conclusion by asking 186 undergraduates to
Embrace the skin you're in.
We might not always realize it, but labeling people, whether rashly or in jest, can hugely impact how they see themselves. Maybe it was something said as a joke, or a comment we perceived as well-meaning, or something we repeat just
'It's okay, maganda naman tayo.'
Life isn't a cakewalk. You know that, and your BFF knows that, but sometimes she may need a reminder or two that no matter how frustrating things are, a dose of humor can always help. Here are a few things you
There are times when accepting defeat is the answer.
Life has trained you to push yourself as far as you can to realize your dreams, but sometimes, things don't work out the way you planned them. Emotions rise, morale drops, and as much as you want to try, you learn
Literally, right now, at your desk.
1. Breathe yourself calmWhen you feel yourself getting rattled by your mounting to-do list or your bottomless inbox, take a breather-literally. The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique is a natural tranquilizer for your nervous system, and you'll feel the
No one wants to be tricked!
Instagram/aerieHere's something other swimwear and underwear brands can learn from! Aerie, the underwear and swimwear label by American Eagle Outfitters, has experienced a surge in sales ever since they stopped relying on heavy Photoshop to prettify their advertisements. According to
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