Hope you learn your lesson, Nico.
By now, we're all used to funnyman Nico Bolzico and his pranks and jokes about #wifezilla Solenn Heussaff (LOL remember that time Nico filled Solenn's hairdryer with powder?) But Nico's latest quip last Sunday proved to
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1 It looks like our fave Argentinian funnyman, Nico Bolzico, has gotten TOO FAR in pranking his wifezilla, Solenn Heussaff. In his newest Instagram video, Nico detailed how he set up tricking Sos because he was bored waiting for her to come
The cutest ever!
Our new favorite love team, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, made us laugh and cry (so hard) with their recent Star Cinema hit rom-com, Love You To The Stars And Back. And now, they're giving us even more kilig with
Well done, Madame Tussauds, well done.
Imagine getting a FaceTime call from Kylie Jenner. Now imagine talking to Kylie on this call only to discover it's one-sided because you're actually talking to her new wax figure from Madame Tussauds. Apparently, this is what happened to
They were looking to grow their following and become famous with their increasingly dangerous stunts.
MonaLisa Perez, 20, remains in jail after shooting her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz at short range on Monday, the StarTribune reports. The couple was recording a stunt for their YouTube channel outside their Minnesota home.According to CBS Minnesota, Ruiz was holding a
He's one sad puppy.
By now, we've already watched Nico Bolzico's epic prank on Wifezilla Solenn Heussaff. Just to recap, the gag involved Sos' blow dryer and lots of powder:Intense, right?!?Well it looks like Nico got reprimanded by Sos, judging from his
We can't forgive you for this, Nico.
Truth: There is never a dull moment in the Heussaff-Bolzico household.We all know how crazy Nico Bolzico could get with Solenn Heussaff in the many Instagram posts he dedicates to his lovely Wifezilla. But the Argentinian funnyman can only go
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